Jenelle Evans Lies About Road Rage Incident, Threatens to Leave 'Teen Mom 2'

Jenelle Evans threw her own kid under the bus while lying about pulling a gun on another motorist [...]

Jenelle Evans threw her own kid under the bus while lying about pulling a gun on another motorist during a road rage incident in what could possibly be her last Teen Mom 2 season finale Monday.

After last week's episode, in which Evans followed an aggressive driver to his house before pulling a gun on him while 8-year-old son Jace sat shotgun, the MTV personality returned the little boy to her mom Barbara Evans, who has custody of her firstborn.

When Jace mentioned to his grandmother that his mom had pulled a gun on the man, something fans saw on camera, Jenelle immediately scolded him as a liar.

"No, I didn't Jace," she told the little boy. "Why are you telling her I pulled a gun out on him? I did not do that."

Barbara replied that in any situation, following a driver with road rage is never a good idea, something her husband David Eason echoed on the phone with Jenelle amid the situation.

"I'm protected all the time," Jenelle told her mom. "The point is you don't tailgate people, especially a mother, and try and make [Jace's] head hit the dashboard."

After returning home, Barbara immediately called the father of Jenelle's 3-year-old son Kaiser, Nathan Griffith.

"You ready to throw up?" she told him of the situation. "She pulled a gun on him, Nathan."

"She should have just let him go and gone back to her house," Griffith said, shocked. "A lot of people have road rage, it doesn't mean you need to act like a maniac and start pulling guns on people."

"We have got to get those kids out of that house, because this is too bad," Barbara responded, adding she was calling her attorney to fight for custody of Jenelle's other two kids. "We need to get Kaiser out."

Fans of the show couldn't believe what they had just witnessed go down.

For those disgusted by Jenelle's behavior, it appears she might not be returning for the next season. While filming a special at the end of the finale, the controversial cast member said she was determined to get out of her contract for next season if MTV didn't allow Eason to film once again. (As previously reported, Eason was fired after making homophobic comments on social media.)

"I'll go do my own thing," she said, claiming she had deals waiting for her from Amazon and Netflix. We'll have to see how those pan out.

Photo credit: MTV