Jenelle Eason Publicly Calls out Kailyn Lowry About Private Texts

It's drama once again for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, who got into a Twitter spat with co-star Kailyn Lowry on Friday after Lowry called Evans out for choosing to air her grievances on Twitter.

jenelle evans tweet
(Photo: Twitter / @PBandJenelley_1)

"But you're not steering clear if you come on her & respond," Lowry tweeted, to which Evans replied, "Every time I text you privately our texts suddenly end up in an article."

The two reality personalities then argued back and forth, with Lowry wondering when Evans had texted her and Evans replying with a screenshot of what appears to be a text conversation between the pair in which Evans asks Lowry not to speak about her.

Evans later wrote, "Kail... I have sent you screenshots of the tweets you've posted over the years. They we're included in your letter but you don't care to mention that part.. You know none of us write any of these articles we get paid to post."

Evans recently got into hot water with fans after it was revealed that she had sent castmates, including Lowry, cease and desist letters. Lowry tweeted that there was nothing attached to the letter she received, despite Evans' claim.


"That wasn't even worth responding to," Lowry concluded to her fans. "Over it."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @j_evans1219