'Teen Mom 2' Star Jade Cline Blasted by Former 'Young and Pregnant' Co-Star Ashley Jones During Reunion

It may have been Jade Cline's first season of Teen Mom 2, but there was plenty of drama in store [...]

It may have been Jade Cline's first season of Teen Mom 2, but there was plenty of drama in store for her at Tuesday's reunion special as former Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant co-star Ashley Jones came at her for bad blood from before she left her original cast behind. As Dr. Drew Pinsky brought Cline on stage to ask about her experience joining Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer, Lowry admitted "it didn't feel right" to bring someone new on after Jenelle Evans' exit.

But it was clear her Young & Pregnant co-stars weren't there for her either as Jones, Brianna Jaramillo, Kayla Sessler, Rachel Beaver and Kiaya Elliott came onto the stage to say their feelings about Cline leaving for another show.

For Jones, who claims she was offered the Teen Mom 2 spot, but declined, this was a sore spot. "You accuse me of lying about being on Teen Mom 2, I didn't lie about it. I was actually asked if I wanted to go. I said I would rather stay with YP, "she shouted. "I was more than supportive of your move to Teen Mom 2 until you said what you said. I felt shaded by that because first of all, I don't have to lie."

" I didn't say s— to you," Cline responded. "No, you didn't because you don't have the balls," Jones clapped back.

With Cline claiming the last thing her former co-star had said to her was that her mother was a "crackhead," Jones didn't shy away from the diss, shouting, "She is a crackhead, b—."

As Cline got up to confront Jones, Dr. Drew and Lowry told her to walk backstage and cool off. It was then that Jones really exploded: "You b—es act like it's me that's the problem," she shouted. "I supported you, I supported you and I am going to continue to support you guys, but I am not going to continue to play this f—ing bulls— game."

"Where is the support for me? F— all of y'all dumba— b—es, I should spit on all y'all's face," she continued. "Y'all got me after this bulls—."

As security walked Jones out of the room, she continued to shout that her co-stars hadn't reached out to her after her grandmother's death.

"I reach out to all of them. My grandma died, I was cheated on publicly, all this s—," she said. "No one has ever reached out and said, 'Ashley, are you OK?' I have given nothing but support to those girls."

Photo credit: MTV