'Teen Mom 2': Chelsea Houska's Ex Violates Custody Agreement and Husband Cole DeBoer Gets Heated

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer were not happy when her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, violated their custody agreement for daughter Aubree in this week's episode.

Aubree was over Lind's parents' house when Lind suddenly showed up, even though the custody agreement says he can only see her during supervised visits. This forced DeBoer to rush over there to pick up Aubree while Houska stayed home with their children, Layne and Watson.

"This is a f–ing joke," DeBoer said after Houska told him what was going on at Lind's parents' house.

"We had already talked and said that she wasn't going to be there if he was there," Houska said.

"Yeah. Well, I'm going to f–ing get her right now," DeBoer said before getting up to leave Houska with their young children.

After DeBoer and Aubree got home, he tried his best to keep things calm. Lind's mother asked if he could drop Aubree off when Lind left, but DeBoer did not want to do that. This sparked an argument between the two.

Later on, Houska and DeBoer realized the situation only made it clearer that Lind should give up his parental rights so DeBoer could adopt Aubree. However, they are still nervous about how Aubree would feel.

Previously on Teen Mom 2, Houska explained to 9-year-old Aubree that her half-sister, Paislee Lind, was adopted by her mother's boyfriend. This confused Aubree.

"I talked with Aubree last night off-camera about what's going on with Paislee, and if she'd want the same thing for herself," Houska explained, later telling her father that Aubree asked if Paislee was still her sister.

Then, Houska said she told Aubree if she was adopted by DeBoer, Lind would no longer legally be her father. Aubree then rejected the idea.

DeBoer has struggled with the indecision from Houska, since he wants to call Aubree his daughter legally. However, Houska insists that the decision has to be Aubree's.

"That's not a reason to do it. It has to be for her," Houska told her husband.

"If she asked me to, I'd do it in a heartbeat," DeBoer said. "But I don't wanna hurt her feelings."

Houska's father Randy said the could should wait until Aubree is older if they plan on letting her make the decision.

"I don't think you can force it," he told the couple. "You just got to let her make the decision. Just keep letting her ask questions. When she's younger she's always going to think [Lind is] there—he's coming back. But as she gets older, she's gonna go, 'Eh you know what? I don't know if he's coming back.' So as she gets older, her brain matures. She'll know."


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Photo credit: MTV