'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Targeted in Break-In

Jenelle has had a string of bad luck over the past year.

Jenelle Evans just can't catch a break. Just days after regaining custody of her 14-year-old son, Jace, police confirmed to TMZ that Evans was the victim of an attempted break-in at her home in North Carolina, and she is understandably terrified. The Teen Mom alum's manager August Keen released a statement on her behalf and told the media outlet: "With everything going on already this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Me and my children are safe, but a bit shaken up, the local community and police department are doing everything to ensure the capture of this person." 

Evans added: "I'll soon be exposing the details of what exactly happened that night. For now, we ask for prayers and privacy until me and my family recover from this terrifying experience. Thank you to everyone who is helping us to catch this perpetrator."

According to police, there was an attempted breaking and entering at Evan's home. Per the Columbus County Sheriff's Office, a deputy responded to Evans' home for a call about a breaking and entering. The suspect had already fled upon the police's arrival. 

An unidentified man attempted to force his way into Evan's home from the back of the residence. When he was unable to get inside, he went into her garage and began throwing her items into the yard. Upon inspection, nothing appeared to be missing. However, there was some damage to the back lock. It wasn't clear if Evans was home, but there's an ongoing investigation. 

Evans and Jace have been at the center of tabloid fodder since last summer. For many years, Jace lived with Evans' grandmother, Barbara, until his mother was deemed fit to have full custody. But the mother/son relationship appeared strained, Jace ran away from home multiple times in a close time span last year. Her husband, David Easton, was also accused of physically abusing Jace.