'Swamp People': Troy Landry's Age, Bio and More Personal Details

Meet 'Swamp People' cast member Troy Landry.

For the past 13 years, History Channel viewers have tagged along with Swamp People's Troy Landry as he's battled it out on Louisiana's swamps to cement his place as one of the most notable gator hunters out there. But who is the so-called "King of the Swamp"?

Born in Pierre Part, Louisiana in 1960 to Duffy and Myrtle Landry, gator hunting is in Landry's blood. Landry, 62, grew up in a family of crocodile hunters, shrimpers, trappers, moss peddlers, and lumberjacks and is the fifth generation to own an alligator hunting business. Speaking with the New York Post in 2012, Landry said, "gator hunting is something I grew up. People ask me, "How you got into that?" I didn't get into it. I was raised in it." Landry explained that as he was growing up, his family would hunted gators for their meat. Now, they "hunt now for a different reason," Landry sharing that "we can sell the hides more than the meat."

While Landry is best known for gator hunting, the job only takes up a sliver of time throughout the year. Gator hunting season in the Atchafalaya Rover Basin swamp only lasts a few days each year, with Landry participating in both the East Zone and West Zone seasons for a total of 60 days of gator hunting. Although gator hunting only takes up two months of the year, it is Landry's most profitable work experience, as he consistently fills more tags than any swamper in the Louisiana." According to his History bio, Landry and his sons, Jacob and Chase, whom he shares with wife Bernita, run "an armada of boats each season to help control the gator population." Landry's expansive knowledge of Louisiana's swamps and his skills as a gator hunter have earned him the nickname, "King of the Swamp."

When he's not spending time in the bayou, Landry spends the rest of the year focusing on his various other business endeavors. He was recently the inspiration behind Savage Arms' Landry Signature Rifles. He also appears on Swamp People. Landry's various business endeavors have cemented him a pretty hefty net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Landry has an estimated net worth of $2 million, a decent chunk of which can be credited to his appearance on Swamp People, which he joined in 2010. The show regularly sets ratings records for the History Channel, and Landry's own catchphrase, "Choot em," has become popular on various types of Swamp People merchandise.

Landry is also a big family man. He has been married to his wife Bernita Landry since September 1981. The couple share two sons – Chase Landry and Jacob Landry. He is also the stepfather to Brandon Landry. Swamp People is currently in its 14th season. New episodes air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on History. Episodes of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion air Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET.