'Survivor' Castaway Voted out After Tribe Swap Twist

Natalia Azoqa's time on Survivor: David vs. Goliath is over.The player was voted out of the Vuku [...]

Natalia Azoqa's time on Survivor: David vs. Goliath is over.

The player was voted out of the Vuku tribe with 3/5 votes in Wednesday's all-new episode of the CBS reality show, after host Jeff Probst really switched things up, splitting the David tribe of supposed underdogs and the Goliath tribe of alleged alphas into three mixed tribes — Tiva, Vuku and Jabedi.

Carl Boudreaux, meanwhile, was sent to an exile island and told he would replace whichever member of the three tribes was sent home during council that night. The truck driver wasn't thrilled with the die of being sent off to be along at first, but his mood soon improved when he found an idol nullifying token that would allow him to cancel out any idol played as long as he knew who was going to play it and when.

Missing from the tribe swap? Bi Nguyen, a David tribe member who revealed at the beginning of Wednesday's episode that she has suffered an injury and would be leaving the game.

"I actually have to make a really sad announcement. I sprained my [medial collateral ligament] yesterday, and I'm an athlete so I made the decision to leave the game," the MMA fighter said. "These are a band of misfits, and I'm glad I was forced to get to know them, because they're amazing human beings, every last one of then. And I know they're gonna rock it, but sad to say it won't be with me."

As the new tribes worked out what the dynamic between the previous Davids and Goliaths would be now that they were on the same team, they were hit with the immunity challenge, which required advanced communication as blindfolded tribe members were guided through an obstacle course by those who could still see what was going on.

The new Tiva tribe won immunity easily, and was soon joined in safety by the Jabedi in a nail-biter of a finish.

That meant the Vuku tribe would be sending a member home to be replaced by Boudreaux. In the beginning, the vote appeared to be between sending home Davie Rickenbacker or Elizabeth Olson, both originally Davids in a Goliath majority new tribe. Elizabeth said she was willing to flip on Davie and work with the former Goliaths, but some other members of the tribe worries she would only be "pretending" to cooperate, while Davie would be moldable.

Elizabeth and Davie, however, sensed that Alec Merlino was unhappy with fellow Goliath Natalia, whom he thought was being too aggressive in her gameplay, and tried to get him to flip on his old ally.

"Natalia's really bossy ... and honestly, it's really pissing me off," Alec confessed before admitting he would likely made a snap decision at tribal council.

In council, Alec was clearly conflicted before getting up and whispering to Elizabeth, which Natalia said she didn't "like at all."

"I'm not OK with what happened right now," Natalia said before the votes were cast, sending her home.

"I knew it. I knew I couldn't trust you," she said upon her exit.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS