'Sister Wives' Reportedly Face Filming Problems After Flagstaff Move

Sister Wives is reportedly having trouble filming in their new homes in Flagstaff, Arizona. The famous reality television Brown family seemingly did not realize the local filming restrictions in their new home, which is creating a lot more problems than the benefit of living in an inclusive small town for the polygamist family.

Cameras have been spotted following the family in Chicago, where Mariah Brown now lives with her fiancée, yet filming has reportedly not started in Arizona so far. Some fans believe local restrictions and neighbor complaints might be to blame for the delay in filming.

The Brown's previous home in Las Vegas proved to be a perfect place for filming, given the city's limited filming restrictions. The state of Nevada also offers incentives for shows and movies to film in the location.

Arizona currently offers no incentives for filmmakers, Premium Beat writes. Cheet Sheet writes the state seems to be "against" filming in general.

While Flagstaff is also known as a relaxed environment, the family reportedly caught flack from other citizens of the town, fearing the publicity of the show might bring unwanted attention to the city.

One neighbor who lives close to the Browns' parcel of land reportedly had extreme concern about the environmental impact that filming could have on the home's natural surroundings.

Sheet Sheet also writes a Reddit user claimed the city of Flagstaff was not happy about their new neighbors. The hesitation of the neighbors to allow filming in the town reportedly has led the family to look into moving to het another new location.

As previously reported two of the four properties are also no film zones. Robyn Brown's home and Christine's homes are the only ones where the family are currently able to film. Robyn's landlord is reportedly O.K. with filming, and Christine purchased her home after she failed to find a pet-friendly rental in the area.

Jenelle and Meri Brown, however, are currently living in homes the have denied the film crew access.


Despite the filming issues, the family appears to be moving forward with a new season of their reality show. Sister Wives has not been officially renewed for a new season, but crews were spotted with the family in other locations.

Meri, Kody and the other sister wives were spotted visiting Mariah and her fiancé, Audrey, in Chicago. They were also see in Disneyland. Maybe the filming restrictions at home will have the family exploring other locations and developing exciting new storylines.