'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Shares Rare Family Thanksgiving Photo With One Simple Complaint

Sister Wives will be making its return for season 14 in January, meaning the stars of the show will be coming together and dropping hints about their lives on social media. The new season will follow Kody Brown as he moves his family, including his four wives, to Flagstaff, Arizona. Much has been made about the move and the status of the family unit. Are they happy? Is there tension between the wives? Could we see legal trouble hit the family due to growing debts and Brown's devotion to polygamy?

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Much will be revealed in the new season but for now, we've seen a few glimpses of the family together and smiling. Christine Brown posted a rare photo of Kody Brown and the Sister Wives together at the dinner table recently, but Meri Brown might have her topped with her festive Thanksgiving glimpse. There was one small, odd issue with the photo that Brown pointed out in the caption.

"Let's take a picture, they said. No one will see our feet, they said," Brown wrote alongside the photo revealing that the entire clan was without shoes. "Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you!"

The photo could be a little window into how the different women handle themselves, with Robyn Brown going without any socks while Meri Brown is working with some flashier colors, lending to her reported rebel nature. That's all fan speculation, though, so in the end, we just get to see some reality stars without shoes on.

A few fans did point out that Meri Brown has become known for her shoes, prompting a response from the reality star.

"I know!! Almost embarrassing!!" Brown replied to one fan. "[Laugh out loud]! Did I really have to wear the purple ones?? Haha!"

Despite her embarrassment, Brown had plenty of supporters for her shoeless look.

"[Heck] yeah! You're festive and sassy! That's what those socks say to me!" one fan wrote.

"[Y'all] look adorable! And I never have shoes on so I'm a fan of your purple socked feet!" another added into the mix.

"[No] worries — now you're known for cute socks too!" a third wrote.


The fun and happy responses are a brighter change for Brown this month. She kicked off December by discussing her past miscarriage from 2012, recalling the loss after a friend suffered through the same thing. Her time with her family and her positive outlook on social media has helped to place that in the past.

Sister Wives will return to TLC on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020 at 10 p.m. ET.