'Sister Wives': Kody Brown and Wife Christine Celebrate Daughter Aspyn's Major Milestone

Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown have a new reason to celebrate. Their daughter, Aspyn, [...]

Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown have a new reason to celebrate. Their daughter, Aspyn, graduated from college over the weekend.

Christine shared a photo of herself and her husband standing on either side of the graduate on Instagram after the ceremony. In her caption, she gushed about how "proud" she was of Aspyn. Christine said she has "risen to the top with grace and goodness."

(Photo: Instagram/@Christine_brownsw)

Fans flocked to the comment section to congratulate Aspyn, and praise Kody and Christine's parenting skills. Many noted that while they "could never be a polygamist," they were impressed. Others were simply happy for Aspyn.

"Way to go Aspyn! Your family continues to amaze me," One commenter said.

Aspyn shared her own photo from her graduation, which featured her Christine, Kody, and a few of the other wives and siblings. She gushed about all the support from her parents, thanking them for "encouraging me to go and helping me to start." Aspyn teased her "next adventure," but did not reveal her post-college plans.

Many of the comments on Aspyn's post were about Robyn Brown, who was not photographed. It was recently rumored that Kody had been favoring Robyn as of late, spending most of his time at her home. Janelle Brown, meanwhile, was featured in the photograph despite rumors that Kody had been avoiding her home.

Radar Online reported that he wasn't a fan of her house, citing issues with her hot water heater specifically. The TLC reality TV personality reportedly ran into Janelle and their two sons at a gym in Arizona and, upon seeing how sweaty everyone was, urged them to shower quickly because of the faulty water heater.

"When Kody saw how sweaty they all were, he said to them, 'You guys better take fast showers, mom's water heater is terrible,'" an onlooker said, according to the outlet.

The site noted that Janelle spent Mother's Day without Kody, and did not attend a gathering at Robyn's home that day. Christine and her daughter were present, according to Radar Online. Christine spent the day at a farmer's market, and appeared "lonely," a source said.

Meri Brown also wasn't at the Mother's Day gathering, which didn't particularly surprise fans. Kody and Meri have had their issues in the past. He divorced her so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous relationship. Later, it was revealed that Meri had fallen in love with a person she believed to be a man online. She eventually learned that the person — actually a woman — had been catfishing her.