'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Opens up About Loneliness as 2 Spouses Vacation Together

Kody Brown is missing his wives. The Sister Wives star tweeted during Sunday night's episode that [...]

Kody Brown is missing his wives. The Sister Wives star tweeted during Sunday night's episode that Christine Brown and Meri Brown are on a cruise while he's "lonely" at home.

"[Christine] will probably never read these tweets. Right now she and [Meri] are both on a cruise," Brown tweeted. "Fun for them, lonely for me."

The two women, who are two of Brown's four wives, are on a cruise ship to Puerto Rico as part of retailer LuLaRoe's annual trip, which is used as an incentive for LuLaRoe consultants to earn a certain amount of money throughout the year to qualify.

"Puerto Rico here we come!" Meri, 48, wrote on Instagram on Friday. "Looking forward to the next week of cruising with friends! Good times are comin'!" She hash tagged the post #LuLaRoeRetailer and #LuLaRoeForLife, indicating that the trip was part of her work with the company.

(Photo: Instagram / @lularoemeribrown)

Christine, 46, did not tweet while the Sister Wives episode aired, as Brown predicted, and had earlier shared an update about the cruise.

"Getting dropped off my by girls because I'm going on a cruise!!!' Woop woop #llrcruise #mybabies #ipushedthemoutifmywomb," she captioned an update from Saturday.

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Although the Brown family patriarch declared his loneliness for all of Twitter to see, his followers weren't exactly sympathetic with the 50-year-old, pointing out that he had plenty of people around him to keep him company.

"Don't you have 2 other wives and 18 kids?" one Twitter user wrote.

"How could u possible ever be lonely in a family that size??" another asked.

Meanwhile, while Christine and Meri are on the same cruise, they do not appear to be hanging out together. Meri has shared frequent updates via Instagram posts and Stories, none of which include Christine.

In one photo, Meri poses in front of the Puerto Rico beach. "You guys, Puerto Rico is beautiful! So looking forward to the next week's cruise travels!" she captioned the image.

(Photo: Instagram / @rularoemeribrown)

Fans took to the comments section to applaud Meri for taking time away from her large polygamous family, which includes Christine and her other two sister wives, Janelle and Robyn.

"I'm happy for u don't let anyone drag u down," one Instagram user wrote.

"You look so happy and peaceful. Get lots of sun and relaxation," another user added.

The time spent away from Christine on the trip could be telling of what's in store for the Sister Wives cast, as the family plans to move to Arizona while Meri plans on staying behind.

"I'm just anxious that we stay together as a family," Janelle, Kody's second wife, said in a previous episode this season. "I think it becomes problematic when we separate. I'm just anxious that Meri feels that she's... That we really want her to come, so I'm trying to reinforce that. That we want her to come as soon as possible. It is important to us to stay together."

During a sit-down with Brown and the rest of his wives, Meri made it clear she was staying in Las Vegas because she had prior commitments.

"I'm afraid that they all think my plan is to stay behind," Meri told producers. "That's what it sounds like. That's not what my plan is."

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.