'Sister Wives': Kody Brown's Daughter Gwendlyn Drops Major Hint About New Season

Sister Wives fans are awaiting the return of the Brown clan for season 14 of the show, but TLC has [...]

Sister Wives fans are awaiting the return of the Brown clan for season 14 of the show, but TLC has yet to officially announce a renewal at this point. They've mostly had to rely on rumors and location shoots in Chicago and other places to raise hopes that the show will be back.

But now we have a little bit of confirmation in the form of Kody Brown's daughter, Gwendlyn, and a short Q&A she held on Instagram. While she couldn't confirm any firm details about return dates and premieres, she did make it clear to some fans that the show will be back according to Soap Dirt.

"I really don't know what I'm allowed to say, but here's a hint: yes," the Brown family member wrote when asked if the show will do another season.

(Photo: Gwendlyn Brown/Instagram)

That was far from the only revelation she made despite claims that she couldn't give any real facts about season 14. One of the questions brought up her father's plans for a massive home for all of his wives and how much the women knew about the plan.

"I can't answer this question and haven't been able to answer about 2/3 of them so please don't get mad!" Gwendlyn wrote on Instagram. "I hope the house is cool though."

The use of "house" is what leads Soap Dirt to claim that the plans for a giant home are still in motion. If it was a plan for multiple homes on the piece of land in Flagstaff, would she be saying that? Or could she just be referring to her own mother's home in the area?

The plan itself wasn't fair to all of the Sister Wives on the show from what fans saw last season. The genesis of the giant mansion is opening a door for Kody Brown to spend time with all of his kids without having to leave the home. A massive great room in the middle of the mansion makes that possible.

But when it comes to his wives, they didn't get the same amount of room. As Soap Dirt points out, Meri Brown gets the smallest space because she lives alone while her daughter is off in Chicago. Meanwhile, Robyn Brown -- Kody's current legal wife -- gets the biggest share, with all of her kids still taking up space at home.

We'll have to wait and see what the truth is when the new season premieres. The rumors and allegations that have been spreading, though, paint a different picture of the Brown life in Flagstaff.

Not only are there claims that the family is facing a ton of financial strain due to their move from Las Vegas, with lots of owed back taxes. There has also been a lot of chatter surrounding family drama, with some of the wives allegedly looking for an exit while Kody Brown might be looking for wife number five.

If Brown is indeed looking for a new wife, that could be a big part of any new season alongside the foundation of their new home.