'Sister Wives': Christine Brown Reportedly Sells Vegas Home Amid Alleged Marital Drama

Sister Wives star Kody Brown finally sold off one of his Las Vegas properties, after months of having trouble finding a buyer for wife Christine's home.

According to Radar Online, Christine's home was sold for $599,900 on Tuesday.

That was much less than what the Browns were previously seeking. It was first listed for $675,000 in July 2018, then $649,000 in September 2018. They slashed the price twice more — to $639,000 in November 2019 and $614,900 in January — before it finally sold this week.

The Browns' move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona has been anything but smooth. Kody initially wanted to move his family to a new, giant home were he, his three wives and 18 children would all live together. However, he ended up buying land near Flagstaff for $820,000 that he plans to split into four parcels.

Christine is only the second wife to find a buyer for her home. Robyn Brown sold her Las Vegas home for $603,000 in February, $16,900 less than her original asking price.

Meri's home was listed at $599,900 in January, but is still on the market, despite a $25,000 price cut, reports Radar. Janelle's home was listed at $649,000 in October 2018, but the price was cut to $599,900 in January. Last month, Janelle cut the price to $574,900.

The family has become so desperate to sell them that Kody even appeared in a commercial promoting open house events for them on March 9 and 10. Robyn shared an Instagram post with the commercial on March 5.

Today, the wives are living in temporary homes. Meri is renting for $2,975 a month, while Janelle is paying $2,900 monthly rent. Robyn is paying $3,500. According to Radar Online, Kody and Christine are living in a three-bedroom home nine miles from Meri's home for $520,000. The couple plans to move to their new homes once they are complete.

The Brown family is featured on TLC's Sister Wives, which is now chronicling the issues between the four wives. In a recent episode of the series, Christine said the wives are no longer comfortable with each other.

"We don't talk. We don't have any conversations. You're not comfortable with me," Christine told Meri, notes Radar. "It's not like I talk to Robyn and Janelle. I'm not that close with them either. My relationship with my sister wives and Kody became hard. I can't give it my all when I don't want to do it."

Christine later told producers, "You're trying to be best friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband. When I'm having a bad day with Kody, the last thing I want is to see him having a good relationship with someone else."


Kody is legally married to Robyn, and is in spiritual unions with his other three wives. He was previously married to Meri, but divorced her in 2014 to adopt Robyn's three children from a previous marriage.

Sister Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.