'Shark Tank': Barbara Corcoran on the Essential Resume Detail You're Missing

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran says most people on the hunt for jobs are making one very common mistake when applying. The "Business Unusual Podcast" host reveals everyone needs to make sure they're including code words from the job description when looking to get hired. "What happens today is 70% of all the applicants vet out the application pool," she explained on the Bobby Bones Show. "I know I interviewed very recently for a social media head. We had something like 72,000 applications over four weeks. Who knew that there that many people that even lived in the United States? But, the only ones we looked at were the ones with the keywords that we put in our job description. People have to do that today to vet people out so you want to look at those code words and make sure you include something in the description."

Corcoran also answered a number of questions on business investments. While a college degree is nice to have, Corcoran, says it's "absolutely not" necessary for entrepreneurs. She claims that she's seen many instances in which the pursuit of a degree got in the way of entrepreneurs' business plans. Additionally, she advises that once in the door for an interview, it's very important not to be as honest when answering "what's your biggest flaw" questions, saying applicants should come across "as a saint with only a tiny flaw."


Touching on the importance of real estate, she says people need to get over their investment fears. "There are a million excuses not to buy, all this scariness disguising itself as some of the reasons," she says. "If you don't get in the game, no matter what goes on in the real estate market within the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, you're locked out for the most part because you have to get a reason to play the game. Even if it's the tiniest studio when that studio price goes up, the one-bedrooms go up, and you stay with the market. If you decide to wait it out, it never pays off. And there's always scary reasons."