'RHOSLC': Lisa Barlow Addresses Where Relationships Stand With Fellow Cast Members (Exclusive)

The cast of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has truly delivered in Season 2. Between concerns about a possible church cult and a shocking arrest saga, there's been plenty of drama to go around. In Season 2, Lisa Barlow has found herself in the middle of much of the drama. During a discussion with PopCulture.com about Fresh Wolf and her family life, the conversation turned to her time on RHOSLC. Barlow not only shared where she stands with her fellow cast members, but she also opened up about her biggest issue with all of the RHOSLC drama. 

Barlow couldn't express enough gratitude for being given a platform such as RHOSLC. As with anything, she does have some qualms about her time on the show. More specifically, she struggles with "constantly being narrated" by her fellow cast members as she wants her "actions to speak for themselves." She even stated that her biggest struggle is dealing with this narration all while trying to simply be herself on the series. 

"I don't care if you have opinions about me. I don't care if you're like, 'You're ugly, you're dressed horribly, you're mean.' But, do it based on your experience with me, not just your thoughts that you're making facts," Barlow explained. "I think that's been kind of challenging for me." Amidst all of the challenges and the drama, Barlow has still been trying to make amends with her cast members during the course of the season. According to the reality star, it's simply in her nature to try to work towards solutions, as she said, "I'm really opinionated, and I also have a big heart, so I'm always trying to get resolved and resolution with everybody. That's a big deal for me."

However, when it comes to some of her cast members, such as Whitney Rose and Heather Gay, Barlow isn't sure whether a resolution is in the cards. She explained that she's tried to "extend olive branches" to them in the past, but her gestures weren't received well. So, the ball's now in her co-stars' court when it comes to making amends. 

"I do know that I'm constantly trying to extend olive branches, and then those olive branches are called setups. So, it gets to a point where guess what, we're chopping the tree down," Barlow said. "I've given pass after pass. And they're really good at saying what they think in their confessionals. But, to my face? Not so good." She added, "I feel like I've given out passes nonstop, and now it's a point where I'm like, it's on them. I don't have to prove myself. I'm done explaining everything." 


RHOSLC fans know that based on recent social media activity, it doesn't seem as though all of the drama has been put aside. Still, Barlow didn't rule anything out. She did, however, stress that it's up to her castmates at this point to decide how they're going to how and if they're going to put aside their issues. Barlow explained, "I just spent the last year trying my best to move forward with you, and you guys are committed to something else. So, how do you move forward? It's kind of on them at this point."