Carole Radziwill Says She 'Failed' in Bethenny Frankel Friendship During Final 'RHONY' Episode

Carole Radziwill bid The Real Housewives of New York City farewell with just one regret Wednesday during the third part of the Season 10 finale.

In the final episode of RHONY filmed before Radziwill announced she was leaving the Bravo series behind, Radziwill continued her spat with former bestie Bethenny Frankel after a tough season, with both reality stars declaring their friendship officially "over."

"The season made it over for me," Radziwill told Frankel. "When you watch the confessional interviews, I'm seeing what you said about me. About not having a job, not having a husband … I didn't understand until I watched the show and I realized I was really, really trying to salvage our friendship and you didn't seem that interested. And I only can imagine because you knew what you had said at all those confessional interviews."

The journalist added that she was originally willing to reconcile with the Skinnygirl founder after the filming of Season 10 until it began to air.

"I was trying all season to come back from this," Radziwill said. "At the end, I was like, 'Thank god we're done with this season. Thank god we can go back. We can just regroup.' And then I started watching the show…"

Seeing back what Frankel was saying about her behind the scenes, Radziwill said she felt both sad and angry, but Frankel said the blogs her friend wrote slamming her all season, as well as an Instagram Live of Radziwill and a friend bashing the Skinnygirl brand, were the last straw for her.

"The season would not have made it over," Frankel said. "The bashing with the blogs and the bashing with a friend made it over. … It was really mean."

In the end, both claimed that each other had changed, with Radziwill calling Frankel "catty and gossipy."

But as she leaves the Bravo world behind, Radziwill admitted she did have regrets about the way she left things with Frankel.

"My regret was that Bethenny and I could never get to a place where … I thought maybe by the end of the season we would be speaking and then reconnect," Radziwill said. "Because that friendship was important to me. And that never happened."


"I wish that we had had some kind of conversation so we could have put it into context," she continued. "It was just hard. I tried. That's my regret, that I failed."

Photo credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo