'RHOD' Star LeeAnne Locken Claims She Cloned Brandi Redmond's Phone After Theft Accusation

Is this The Real Housewives of Dallas or James Bond? The Housewives were back from Copenhagen but deep into espionage during Wednesday's all-new episode of the Bravo show as LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond's feud about nude video turned into full-on fiction.

After the two co-stars went head-to-head during the cast's international trip over a video Locken took of Redmond skinnydipping, Locken feared her foe stole her cell phone to go through it during their last night in Denmark.

Kameron Westcott told Cary Deuber that Locken's suspicions were raised when she lost her phone at dinner, only to have it returned hours later by Redmond, who claimed to have found it downstairs in between a couch cushion.

"She doesn't really believe Brandi," Westcott explained, adding that she was skeptical of Locken's conspiracy theory. "She thinks that Brandi took the phone to go through it to make sure that video was gone."

As Redmond recounted, "I was at the bar in our hotel, and LeeAnne's phone was found in a couch cushion. I knock on her door, and she comes and grabs it. Doesn't even make eye contact with me, just rips it out of my hand."

Joking with Stephanie Hollman, Redmond added, "First of all b—, I would have flushed it down the toilet, because better safe than sorry if you do have video footage! Or would have shattered it to pieces or something."

In response, Locken claimed that she used special software to clone Redmond's phone, taking her personal information for herself.

"It is CSI on crack," Deuber joked, adding that if Locken did manage to pull this off, it's "a little creepy" that she knows how to clone a phone in the first place.

Hollman was pretty sure the former pageant queen was bluffing, however, confessing to the cameras, "Do I think LeeAnne has the special ability to take people's data from their phones? No, I think she was trying to get even with Brandi by freaking her out, and I think Brandi got freaked out, and now they're fighting about the phone."

When D'Andra Simmons, Deuber and Westcott confronted Locken about the phone saga at her fashion show, the designer's infamous temper flared as she admitted her lie about cloning the phone was "bulls—."

"Don't steal my f—ing phone! Why do we always focus on what I do and never what that b— does!" she said, adding to the camera, "The other ladies refuse to see Brandi's mean girl side!"


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