Dorit Kemsley's 'Tattletaling' Losing Her Friends on 'RHOBH'

An off-hand drunken comment turned into major drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesday, when Dorit Kemsley turned "tattletale" for Erika Girardi.

Girardi left Teddi Mellencamp's beach home for a hotel due to painful menstrual cramps during the overnight portion of the Housewives' weekend away, which Mellencamp and Kyle Richards admitted after a few cocktails they thought was "kind of weird."

When Girardi returns the next morning, Kemsley initially says she feels the need to be "honest" with her Bravo castmate, but then tells her that the other women were "really mad" at her for leaving for the night.

Said other women then return from outside, very much not mad, after working off their late night with a trainer. At this point Girardi confronts them about what she's been told by Kemsley.

"Dorit, what have you been up to when we're out here working out?" Richards says in a confessional. "What s— have you been stirring up?"

While Richards explains that she didn't care Girardi had left, but simply thought it was "weird," Camille Grammer stepped in to accuse Kemsley of trying to start drama that doesn't exist.

"I feel like you were tattletaling," Grammer tells Kemsley. "I just think you say things for attention and I don't think that's cool."

She continues in a confessional, "Is she trying to latch onto Erika as a friend? What is she trying to do here?"

When trying to apologize to Girardi for calling her late-night move weird, Mellencamp tries to pat her friend on the arm, but is greeted by a cold rejection. Starting to cry, both Girardi and Mellencamp say they feel "embarrassed" by what's transpiring.

"I didn't say anything bad about you, I said it was weird and it was weird!" Mellencamp says.

While Girardi is quick to let go of the uncomfortable moment, the other Housewives are left with the distinct feeling that Kemsley was trying to throw them under the bus.

"It's not like anyone was mad at Erika or saying that Rika was a b—," Richards confesses. "Is that something you really need to run back and repeat?"

It's then that Richards reveals that Kemsley was also a part of the conversation about Girardi's behavior, saying similar things to the women she accused of talking behind their friend's back. When Richards asks why her friend singled her out while telling the story to Girardi, Kemsley deflects from her involvement.

"The thing is that it's not a big deal," she tells Richards, "and it's just those things can become a very big deal."

"Well, it just became one," Richards retorts.


Fans were not behind what Kemsley was doing, and accused her of creating problems to guarantee her place on the show next season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.