Rebecca Budig Reveals If She'd Go on 'Dancing With the Stars' (Exclusive)

Rebecca Budig is best known for her acting in projects like All My Children, General Hospital and the new CBS holiday movie Fit for Christmas. However, she's not afraid to try new types of projects, which is how she ended up competing in — and winning — the Dancing With the Stars spinoff Skating With the Stars back in 2010. Would Budig like another go-round at another ABC reality competition? Perhaps, DWTS itself? We asked Budig that very question while chatting with her about Fit for Christmas (streaming now on Paramount+), and she straight up said, "Yeah, I would do it."

"I would totally give the ballroom in a try," Budig exclusively told "I think that they had asked me a few times before they asked me to do the skating one, and I'd always said, 'no,' because I just wanted to focus on acting and blah, blah, blah. But now I would totally do it. I think it'd be very challenging, extremely challenging, especially as I've gotten older because — I dance around the house with my daughter, but that's about it."

While we'll have to wait and see if Budig winds up on the cast list for Dancing With the Stars Season 31 when it comes to Disney+, Budig's latest role is streaming now on Paramount+. Fit for Christmas sees Amanda Kloots as Audrey, a fitness instructor trying to save a community center while balancing a romance. Budig plays Audrey's friend in the festive flick.

"My character's name is Lisa. I run the cafe, the coffee shop in town, with my husband Jim (Darryl Hinds). And I'm Audrey's (Kloots') best friend," Budig said of her role. "Audrey comes back to town, and the rec center, where my coffee shop is, is threatened. My character's sort of resigned to try and find another place. But Audrey comes in and she gives us all hope and kind of tries to help save the rec center. I'm a supporting player, supporting my best friend."

Fit for Christmas premiered Sunday on CBS and is now streaming via Paramount+.