'Fit for Christmas': Rebecca Budig on Her New CBS Movie With Amanda Kloots (Exclusive)

It's Christmas time, and CBS is lining up a feast of festive flicks for viewers to watch, including Fit for Christmas. Fit for Christmas stars Amanda Kloots (The Talk, Dancing With the Stars) as a fitness instructor trying to save a community all while juggling her romantic relationship with the businessman who wants it closed, played by Paul Greene (When Calls the Heart). Kloots' good friend Lisa in the film is played by Rebecca Budig, best known for her longtime roles on All My Children and General Hospital. PopCulture.com spoke with the actress about Fit for Christmas, and she gave fans a tease of what to expect.

"My character's name is Lisa. I run the cafe, the coffee shop in town, with my husband Jim. And I'm Audrey's (Kloots') best friend," Budig teased. "Audrey comes back to town, and the rec center, where my coffee shop is, is threatened. My character's sort of resigned to try and find another place. But Audrey comes in and she gives us all hope and kind of tries to help save the rec center. I'm a supporting player, supporting my best friend."

Fit For Christmas

Pictured: Rebecca Budig as Lisa.

- Michael Courtney / CBS)

Working with Kloots was a delight, according to Budig. The veteran star complimented the former Broadway actress for taking to her first movie role so well. "She's so lovely and she's everything she is. Everything that she puts out there is who she is." Budig said of Kloots. "She was great. It's her first film, so she was learning. And she's super sharp, so she picks everything up. And it was just really fun. It was fun being on set with a friend."

While Fit for Christmas was a first for Kloots, it was also a first for Budig. It was the first holiday rom-com role (of hopefully many more to come) that Budig took on. She loved the Christmas-themed shoot in Vancouver, noting that making a project like this "really does put you in the Christmas spirit."

"It puts you in the mood for Christmas, and there's just a feeling all around," the actress said. "Everyone's happy and feel-good. It's a fun process to be a part of, for sure. I never knew what I was missing out on."

As for Budig's off-screen Christmas, her family is already settling in for the holiday ahead. She's looking forward to "a lot of relaxing" as the year winds down, noting that her family traditions are already underway.

"We drink hot chocolate and decorate the tree. We've done that," Budig said. "And then on Christmas Day, we just stay in our pajamas all day. We watch Christmas movies, and we have turkey chili, and it's awesome."

Fit for Christmas premieres Sunday at 8:30 ET on CBS.