Reality TV Star Engaged Despite New Man's Recent Scandal

Former Towie star Ferne McCann has some exciting news to share — she's engaged to her boyfriend, Lorri Haines. Heart reported that McCann shared the news in early July via Instagram. While this is undoubtedly a happy time for the couple, the news comes several months after Haines found himself amid a scandal. 

McCann and Haines' engagement took place while on a trip to France. On July 2, McCann posted a photo of herself sharing a kiss with Haines. As the pair locked lips, the reality star stuck up her ring finger for the camera and flashed her new bling. Alongside the snap, she wrote, "So happily ever afters do exist." She added, "I cannot wait to do forever with you baby @lozzahaines."

Haines also shared the news of their engagement on his Instagram page. A day after telling fans the happy news, he posted another snap of the pair with a lengthy caption about finding love with the former Towie star. He began, "One day you will find that paring soul. It will be a feeling beyond your imagination. You just can't help it but to adore them. You will feel your whole heart melt for this person. This beautiful soul will bring you joy, laughter, calmness, happiness and so much inspiration that you will finally see hope in front of you."

Months before taking the next step in their relationship, the couple weathered a scandal. In February, Haines was seen dancing topless while holding two small, clear pouches. According to The Sun, he appeared to sniff white powder that was in one of the pouches. The video also features a friend who appears to be saying, "No, No Ket, No Ket." Haines later shared a statement to The Sun and said that he was not doing drugs. Instead, he said that he was "joking about." Still, a source said about the situation, "Ferne will be stunned by this video, whether he was joking or not."

After the video was released, Haines addressed the matter with another statement. He began by saying that the video was from his past, saying, "In light of the videos circulating of me from a destructive time in my life. I want you to hear this directly from me. I want to start this by saying how sorry I am that my past actions are bringing pain to the people I love most in my life now. It is unfair that something I did a long time ago impacts them." He continued, "The latest videos I am being threatened with are from a long time ago, I could never know then the harm they would cause me and more importantly the people in my life now. For that I am deeply sorry."

Haines' scandal took place shortly after he and McCann began dating. The couple has reportedly been an item for six months leading up to Haines popping the question. Days before sharing the news of their engagement, Haines posted a tribute to his partner on social media. He wrote, in part, "Let me say from the bottom of my heart. When you finally meet that particular person, it does make you realise what life's all about; for me, it was that piece of the puzzle I was always searching for."