'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Alum Was Secretly Arrested Earlier in 2021

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Apollo Nida is trying to get a judge to overturn his current supervised release after a run-in with the law over the summer. Nida, who was married to fan-favorite Phaedra Parks, wants his supervised release terminated. Radar Online reports Nida's May trip to Miami was allegedly approved verbally by his probation officer, but the P.O. didn't officially file the paperwork.

The court documents obtained by the site reveal that the former Bravo star's lawyer lists his occupation as a public figure who gets paid through public appearances and promotional partnerships. Per the filing, Nida has had five probation officers since his last release from prison, which has caused several communication breakdowns. He was initially released to Philadelphia where he lived with his fiance and a minor child but moved to Atlanta in 2020 to be closer to his two sons. In the meantime, his lawyer says Nida has reacclimated into society.

However, Nida says that his probation officer failed to contact him for months after the move to Atlanta. He finally reached out to the P.O., who claimed the file had been "overlooked." 

Nida reveals he was arrested on May 30, 2021, by Miami police for a local ordinance violation after trying to enter his hotel and "resisted arrest without violence." He posted bail on June 1 and immediately notified his P.O. of his contact with police and was picked up by former co-star, Peter Thomas. 

The charges were eventually dropped on August 5 and Nida was ordered to remain on a GPS monitor with strict curfews. His P.O. forbade him to travel and he was given specific curfew times and dates. Nida says he has lost a ton of money due to the curfew. He also accuses his P.O. of making false statements to the court about the May arrest. Nida wants his probation to be terminated early to allow him to move on with his life.

Nida is no stranger to legal trouble. He previously served two long stints in prison. The last one played out during Seasons 7-9 on RHOA. In August 2014, Nida was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison. He was accused of being the leader in a massive money fraud scheme. In court, prosecutors alleged that Nida stole more than $2 million through fraudulent bank accounts. He was facing 30 years in prison for the charges. To avoid such a hefty sentence, Nida pleaded guilty and cooperated with the feds. Due to him revealing who the other culprits were in the scheme, he was given a shorter sentence.

The dismantling of his marriage to Parks was a massive storyline. He felt abandoned by Parks when times got hard and feared that she wouldn't allow their two sons to visit him in prison. In 2016, while in prison, he filed for divorce from Parks to end their 5-year marriage. At the time, he requested that their prenup be thrown out. He also requested spousal support. The divorce was finalized in 2017, with them sharing legal custody of their sons and receiving weekly phone calls from prison. He was also ordered to supervise release for five years and to pay restitution. The other details of their divorce were sealed.