What Is It Really Like to Work With the 'Property Brothers'? These Homeowners Tell All

Drew and Jonathan Scott just took time off from filming their hit HGTV show to complete one seriously meaningful remodel.

The Property Brothers stars worked alongside Habitat for Humanity for the Home is the Key campaign recently, connecting with Tennessee natives Amanda and Ashlee to help them make their dream home a reality, reported PEOPLE Thursday.

Amanda is a single mom to daughters Sanaya, 6, Ashari, 10 and son Rodney, 16, while Ashlee raises 6-year-old Josh and 12-year-old Jada on her own, and both told the publication they were thrilled not only to be picked for the project, but also the opportunity to work with the famous renovators.

"We were both like 'Yeah right. Are you guys serious?'" Ashlee told PEOPLE. "I just couldn't believe they were willing to work with us."

Ashlee admitted they were "kind of star-struck" when they first met the 39-year-old twins, but the brothers quickly made them feel at ease.

"I was amazed at how humble they were," Amanda said. "They were passionate about what they were doing, and they wanted to be there. They treated me and Ashley like they've known us for years. So we were laughing, we danced and sang and joked. They made me and Ashley feel like the day was about us and not them."

Amanda also answered a question most fans have about the show: "Everybody at work, was like 'Were they really working?'" she said. "And I was like, 'Yeah, Drew took the hammer showed us how to do it!'"

Meeting with the brothers was definitely a highlight for the families, but the best part of the process is finally having a home.

"My kids are going to know that if they put their mind to something, that they can do it," Ashlee said. "I think it's going to be great to see that their mother did something on her own and worked very hard to get our first home. So hopefully they're proud of me."

Amanda added, "My kids always have somewhere to come. They'll always be able to come home."


Photo credit: Instagram/Property Brothers