'Property Brothers' Twins Drew and Jonathan Scott Share Update on Brother JD After Almost 'Dying' Amid Hospitalization

Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are giving fans a health update on their brother, J.D. Scott, after he was hospitalized in May for a mysterious illness that made him believe that he was "dying." J.D. had opened up about the scary medical issue in an Instagram video in July, revealing that he had been suffering from a number of symptoms, including the sensation that his skin was "on fire" and "passing out." Months later, his brothers say that he is on the mend.

"J.D.'s doing great and our family [is] very, very close and so we're always there to support each other," Jonathan told HollywoodLife in a recent interview. "J.D.'s been doing really well and he came with us and so did his fiancée [Annalee] to Latin America for a press tour. So it's kind of nice to get away and enjoy some time together."

J.D. is feeling so well that during the Latin America trip, he even partook in a "pre-bachelor party" ahead of his upcoming wedding, Drew told the outlet, adding that they "have some other things planned maybe to be closer to the wedding."

J.D., who has also appeared on Brother Vs. Brother and Property Brothers at Home alongside his younger brothers, had quietly suffered from the debilitating mystery illness for more than a year, only publicly opening up about it in May after he visited functional physician Dr. Scott Jacobson.

"Walking too much would bring on the symptoms. Heat would bring on the symptoms," Jacobson explained in the video. "So I was very limited in what I could do. But as long as I was within an area that I could control, I could actually do things."


After a number of tests and several misdiagnoses, it was eventually discovered that J.D. was likely suffering from a combination of things that were manifesting as various symptoms and that his body was reacting in the way it might to an autoimmune disease, with his antibodies "through the roof."

On Sept. 15, J.D. announced that he had received further answers regarding his mystery illness. Following even more testing, it was revealed that the reality star "had a GI infection which has been fixed" and suffered "acute mercury poisoning," J.D. saying that his "levels are so high the health department got involved." J.D. also said that thanks to his followers, he discovered "that I was exposed to and may have been suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity (also called "Getting Floxed")," which would explain "many of my symptoms."