Pregnant 'Married at First Sight' Alum Jamie Otis Cries After Taking Coronavirus Test Ahead of Due Date

Jamie Otis was feeling the pressure as the pregnant Married at First Sight alum broke down on social media after undergoing testing for coronavirus. The former Bachelor contestant, who is now full term with her second child couldn't help but get emotional describing her anxiety after her doctor advised her to be tested for COVID-19.

"I feel really, really ridiculous crying. I'm crying, like, all the time these days. I feel so silly. I'm genuinely just so nervous," Otis said in a video from her car shared on Instagram on Wednesday, saying she had been tested but not yet received her results. "I feel like everything is going to be fine. I think I'm fine, but then I'm like, 'Am I fine?'"

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The test, which Otis said was painful, made her even more nervous about giving birth. "If I can't handle the swab going up my nose, how can am I going have an unmedicated childbirth?" she asked. "I think I'm a little overwhelmed." Otis and husband Doug Hehner are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Henley, but Otis revealed that leading up to the birth of her second child, she's unable to shut off her brain and relax.

"I don't know how to reset my brain so I can just chill the f out," she admitted, trying to stem her tears. "This is not how I want to behave or how I want to feel going into having my baby. This is a nightmare, like it really is, but I'm trying to stay positive and well balanced. I'm trying."

"I'm trying to think happy thoughts and be positive," the Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host added, calling herself a "wimp" for being so emotional when "other women have it so much worse than I do." She chided herself, "But here I am whining over just everything. I'm sorry, I'm going to get it together."


Otis and her husband announced in September that they were expecting again after multiple miscarriages. "We went to the fertility specialist and found out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!" she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I cannot even believe it! …after 18 long, painful months, two losses and negative after negative on the pregnancy tests we are *finally* pregnant again!"