'Pawn Stars': Rick Harrison and Family Start Fund for Adam Harrison's Son After Death

The Harrison family has set up an education fund for the child of Rick Harrison's late son.

Following the death of his son, Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison and his family are starting an education fund for Adam Harrison's child. TMZ reports that the family have been getting pleas from people who have been asking how they can help support the family after Adam died last month from a drug overdose. A rep for the family told the outlet that Adam's ex-wife, Jennifer, has also been getting contacted by a lot of people asking how they can help.

Due to all of the inquiries, the Harrisons have created a fund for Adam and Jennifer's elementary school-aged son, Colton. The fund will go towards his future education. As of the time of this writing, the fund has raised just below $600 and is "In memory of Adam Harrison for the benefit of his son Colton," per the description. It's sweet that so many people have wanted to help Adam's son, as it's definitely not easy losing your father, especially at such a young age.

In January, TMZ reported that Adam Harrison had died at 39 years old, with Rick Harrison's representative saying that it was an overdose. His cause of death was revealed nearly a week later, with the official cause of death being a fentanyl overdose. He had just been released from jail and stayed at a guesthouse. After going MIA, his roommates were reportedly worried since he wasn't answering his phone. When they contacted the landlord, he was found unresponsive in his room.

While Adam didn't appear in Pawn Stars or any of its spinoffs alongside his father, it's clear that fans of the long-running History Channel show are still trying to show as much love and support as possible. Rick had taken to Instagram after his son's death, with a photo of the two of them, captioning the post, "You will always be in my heart! I love you Adam" and a broken heart emoji alongside it.

The fund on GiftofCollege seems to be the only page that the Harrisons have set up for Colton. It's unclear if Rick Harrison will share the page on any of his social media pages, but since so many people were already asking about it, they are bound to find it regardless. It's definitely a sweet gesture and one that Colton will surely appreciate when he's older.