'OutDaughtered' Dad Shares Devastating Update About His Family's Experience in Hurricane Harvey

Adam Busby, the star of TLC's Outdaughtered, is giving his followers on social media a glimpse into how devastating Hurricane Harvey has been in southeast Texas. In the aftermath of the hurricane, the 35-year-old father of six shared a number of posts on Instagram to describe how the flood waters have directly impacted his loved ones.

The Busby family, who lives in League City, Texas, is grappling with the damage caused by the flooding from getting more than 50 inches of rain in Southeast Texas. Currently, his brood is staying safe indoors.

On Wednesday, Busby took to Instagram to share a video in which his daughter says to the camera, "Go away, Harvey."

"I think that all of Texas echoes your sentiments Parker. You have over stayed your welcome," he wrote in the caption.

While his wife and children looked to be safe, Adam posted on Instagram that his mother had "lost everything" in the floods. The family was forced to take a boat to salvage a few items from the home.

"Nick, Charlie and I brought Mimi to see her house and salvage a few items today. The only was that we could get there was by boat. Things in Texas are really ugly y'all. Do what you can and find a way to help. There are thousands that have lost everything," he captioned the post.

Busby then shared a post in which he encouraged his fans and followers to offer help in any way possible.

"We know so many in our community have lost a lot. Our hearts go out to ALL of you for what you may have been going through today," Busby wrote.


"We got a call where a friend had to be rescued out her home with her 5 day old baby. We were able to pull some baby stuff from the attic, gather some baby boy items from our friends @kilieski & @wanderlust 082685, and also give wipes & diapers to a friend in need."

Learn how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey here.