Original 'Jersey Shore' Town Denies Show Permits to Return

The original home of MTV's Jersey Shore is apparently not interested in a Family Vacation, as the town has reportedly denied the show permits to return.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey has chosen not to allow Snooki, The Situation and the rest of their friends to party there, according to a report by Too Fab. The town's 2,986 citizens simply could not put up with the "chaos" that comes along with reality TV.

According to the report, the show's penchant for dramatic arrests was a deciding factor in the decision. The outlet acquired Seaside Heights' official denial of an application to film the reunion series, filed by MTV in 2017.

"Numerous publicly available news reports indicate that several cast members were arrested while Jersey Shore was being filmed," it read. "Charges included disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, and drug possession. One cast member (Ronald Ortiz-Magro) was arrested in Seaside Heights for outstanding warrants."

Even the crimes that did not result in criminal charges cast a bad light on the town, they felt, when they were documented on TV.

"In addition to these incidents, there are numerous reports, many of which are confirmed in episodes of the show, of fights between cast members and bar fights involving cast members and third parties," the denial went on.

Reporters found that the decision also came from a more general desire by the town to re-brand. After Hurricane Sandy, residents of the town reportedly did not want their home to be seen merely as a staging ground for the controversial show. The denial cited the "Borough's lack of interest in approving" more shoots. A city official confirmed that this was the general consensus among citizens.

"We don't have resources to dedicate and we don't need the chaos," they said. "Moreover, in the big picture, the production company has been advised that Seaside Heights would like to move on. Nothing personal."

"The cast, on a personal level, has been very good to Seaside Heights and our businesses," the official went on, "and we like to think that we've been good to them. But we are interested in going in a different direction from a marketing perspective."

Many coastal towns in New Jersey rely on tourism to keep their economy moving, and Seaside Heights felt that the show's aesthetic hurt them in this regard.


"We've been working hard post-Sandy to rebrand. The Jersey Shore version of reality tv conflicts with what we are trying to accomplish," read the statement.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 2 is currently filming in Las Vegas.