Nikki Bella Opens up on Future of 'America's Got Talent: Extreme' (Exclusive)

Nikki Bella starred in a new competition show, America's Got Talent: Extreme, which premiered this past February. Bella, Travis Pastrana and Simon Cowell were the judges of the show with Terry Crews as the host. In May, it was announced that the spinoff of America's Got Talent has been shelved indefinitely, and has no immediate plans to bring it back after a contestant was left paralyzed while filming a stunt. However, in an exclusive interview with, Bella believes the show will return. 

"I just connected whether it was the contestants or with my fellow judges or Terry," Bella exclusively told PopCulture. "And it was just a really special place to be in. So I can't wait for the future of it and when it comes back and to be back on that stage again." America's Got Talent: Extreme focused on people who can do stunts or "extreme" acts. The first season was four episodes long, and the winner of the competition received $500,000. The series was created by Cowell, and Bella enjoyed working with him. 

America's Got Talent: Extreme – Season 1
(Photo: Eliza Morse/NBC)

"One of honestly the most incredible experiences I've ever gotten to have in my entire life," Bella said. "First, just the production and the team at AGT: Extreme is one of the best. I loved being on set. It's been my favorite set I've been on. And then to be working with Simon Cowell, Terry Crews and Travis Pastrana, three incredible men. 

"I learned so much from all three of them. Simon was so encouraging and he just really helped Travis and I so much. You know when you feel at home in a place where it just works and it clicks? From the beginning, all of us had incredible chemistry and then I realized that I was just home. Being a judge and being around people in an extreme sports industry of people that have a different kind of sport, but have never had the biggest platform to showcase that."

Bella went on to say that she had a connection with the contestants since she competed in WWE. "I understood them on that point, because I feel like as wrestlers, we're always trying to prove our worth, that we are professional athletes and what we do is real," she said. "And so to be around these people that yes, they might not be on a stage in Vegas or they might not be in the Super Bowl, but they do something that's extremely talented."