Nene Leakes Shares Devastating Update on Husband Gregg

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes shared heartbreaking news about her husband Gregg Leakes' battle with cancer. Leakes spoke with guests at her Linnethia Lounge in Duluth, Georgia, on Saturday, telling everyone that Gregg is "transitioning to the other side." Gregg, 67, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2018. It went into remission for two years, but the cancer returned in June.

In footage shared by the Instagram page OnSite!, Leakes was seen talking with guests after customers called her "rude" for not acknowledging a customer's birthday. She started her speech by noting that Gregg was "tranistioning to the other side" and told guests they did not understand what she and her family are going through. "We walked in this lounge because we had to walk in this lounge because this is our business," Leakes said, notes Page Six. "So, when people approach and say, 'you're rude because you don't want to say happy birthday,' my husband is at home dying. I don't want to say 'happy birthday,' okay?'"

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After her comments circulated on social media, Leakes, 53, took to Instagram where she shared a meme reading, "Broken." The image included a broken heart and a praying emoji. Leakes did not include a caption, but her colleagues and fans understood what the post was in reference to. "I love you with my entire heart," Tamar Braxton wrote. "Praying heavy for you and your family," rapper Trina wrote. "We praying for you guys," Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda wrote.

Leakes and Gregg married in 1997 and divorced in 2011, but they remarried in June 2013. Gregg was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2018. His cancer was in remission until June, when Leakes told fans on Instagram that her husband was back in the hospital for more surgery. During the Instagram Live session, she said her husband seemed "super small" lately. "If you've ever been around somebody who's had cancer before, he's different. He's different," she said at the time, reports Us Weekly.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, Gregg posted a message on Instagram apologizing for taking Leakes for granted. "We always hurt the ones we Love.. because they allow us to hurt them rather than snap back," he wrote in January 2019. "I'm tired of hurting my wife who is only trying to take good care of me and wants only the best for me too. She deserves much more for her hard efforts and tireless hours spent on me. I Pray to God to get it together.. She's done NO wrong... this is ALL on me...... Cancer WILL change your Life..."


Leakes was one of the original cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She starred in the first seven seasons before returning as a main cast member for Seasons 10, 11, and 12. "I'm just so happy that I can say that I was part of a genre that opened up a door for Black ensemble reality shows," Leakes said in a September 2020 YouTube video. "I want to thank everybody that has looked up to me over the years. I want to thank Bravo for all the memories. Thank you to the cast for all of the memories."