'My Cat From Hell' Star Jackson Galaxy Offers Advice for Quarantining With Kitties Ahead of His 'Cat Sh#t Crazy' Return (Exclusive)

In a world gone "cat s— crazy," the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy, is returning to Animal Planet to help us navigate quarantine with our kitty companions. Ahead of the My Cat From Hell: Cat Sh#t Crazy special, premiering Saturday, July 18 on Animal Planet, Jackson opened up to PopCulture @ Home about the best way to coexist peacefully with our feline roommates while stuck at home.

"Everyone's life with cats has become cat s— crazy because we're home and the cats aren't crazy about it," Galaxy said of his return to Animal Planet after the end of My Cat From Hell in 2018. "Let's just face facts. They have not been prepared for people 24/7. This was their world, and now we're living in it and apparently not terrible successfully. So that's why I'm back."

In doing video consults with his clients, Jackson said he's seen an uptick in not just "destructive" behavior, but "unpredictable" things from both cat and human. "There's a combination of [reasons]," he explained. "One is that you weren't around to see this stuff! It could have been going on the whole damn time."

The other, Jackson explained, has to do with cats being "energetic sponges" that pick up the tension and anxiety of their humans. "There's a lot of angst in our homes, and I think that's what we're seeing and why there's so much unpredictable [behavior] in our homes," he said, adding how he's seeing more "frustration" on the human side of his consults too. "The families seem to have a lot more immediacy. 'I'm going crazy right now, what are you gonna do?'"

The coronavirus pandemic isn't without a "silver lining," however, which Jackson said can be seen in the number of people who have stepped up to adopt and foster animals in a time where many shelters are struggling to stay open. These people will get their own spotlight in Saturday's special as well, he promised.

As for people facing milder behavioral issues with their cats at home, Jackson promised the "easiest thing in the world" to see a drastic change in behavior is making sure your animals are getting enough playtime and can settle into a routine, even if it's different than their typical day.

"Getting into a rhythm of your life with your cats prevents so much of that incoherent cat blast of energy that kind of comes out of nowhere, or human for that matter," he explained. "The quarantine world has provided an opportunity to either get your rhythm in gear or anarchy. And the anarchy part of it — human or animal — that's ugly, man. Why not just embrace it and get some rhythm in your life?"


Don't miss Jackson's return to Animal Planet in My Cat From Hell: Cat Sh#t Crazy, premiering Saturday, July 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet. For more on Animal Planet's latest shows from PopCulture, click here.