'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Whitney Thore Breaks off Engagement After Fiance Impregnates Another Woman

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Chase Severino is going to be a father, but his co-star Whitney [...]

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Chase Severino is going to be a father, but his co-star Whitney Thore is not the baby's mother. Thore and Severino announced they are no longer engaged after she learned Severino and another woman were expecting a child together. Severino reconnected with a woman he had a long history with, and their baby is due in October, Severino revealed.

Thore broke the news on her Instagram page first by sharing a black square alongside a lengthy caption on Wednesday. After noticing several social media outlets sharing rumors about their relationship, she announced the engagement was over. "After experiencing a lot of ups and downs and still living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with whom he has had a long history," she wrote, adding that the reunion "resulted in a pregnancy." Thore shut off the comments section for the post and asked her fans for privacy. "I'm not interested in anything hateful being directed toward anyone," she wrote.

Hours later, Severino shared his own statement, confirming the baby is due in October and referred fans to Thore's post for more details. "Thank you for always supporting us," he wrote. "As we now go our separate ways, I ask fr privacy for Whitney, myself, and the mother of my child who wishes to remain anonymous." He also closed off comments for his post.

The couple's split was not completely surprising news to fans, reports Starcasm. Severino and Thore erased photos of each other on their Instagram pages last month. Around that time, Instagram user @90dayfiance_etc cited a source and claimed Severino was having a child with his "real girlfriend" and Severino and Thore would break up. The Instagram user deleted that post but shared another update a month later after rumors about their split reached Reddit. There were longstanding rumors on social media that the couple's relationship was staged in the first place.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life debuted on TLC in 2015 and finished its seventh season in March. The series follows Thore, who became a star after her North Carolina radio station shared a video of her dancing in 2014. After she appeared on numbers media outlets to promote body acceptance, TLC ordered a series based on her life. Thore, who has more than 957,000 followers, and Severino got engaged in December 2019, and the engagement was shown in the Season 7 premiere.