Mina Starsiak Hawk Shows Pre-Tummy Tuck Photos During Honest Chat About Her Plastic Surgery

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk is continuing to open up about her "mommy makeover." A week after going into detail about the five-hour procedure that included a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants, the HGTV star took to Instagram Tuesday to reveal a few pre-tummy tuck photos while sitting down for a candid chat with her doctor, Toledo, Ohio plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Koltz.

Inviting fans for a question and answer session to dish out all the details on the transformation that she says has her feeling "like myself again," the mom of two didn't shy away from giving fans a glimpse at her pre-procedure body. Starsiak Hawk previously revealed when speaking with PEOPLE she had wanted to undergo the procedure for years, as she was feeling uncomfortable in her own skin following the birth of her first child, son Jack Richard. It was after welcoming daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Drew in September and developing a 4-and-a-half inch separation in her abs called diastasis recti that she finally sought out Dr. Koltz, who attended the same college as the Good Bones star and her husband, Steve Hawk. In her Tuesday post, Starsiak Hawk also gave fans "a real-time look at my tummy tuck results."

After introducing her surgeon, Starsiak Hawk kicked off the video with a fan question about breast implants. The mom of two said she was initially against the idea of implants due to fear of having to have them replaced every few years, a misconception she said she was led to believe after she did a little online searching. Ultimately, with the further explanation from her doctor, she felt confident that implants were the right match for her. While Koltz acknowledged "there's a lot of negative press about a lot of things, including implants," he said "things have just changed a lot" and explained that "implants that we use are very safe.

Starsiak Hawk also opened up about her lengthy recovery, something that Koltz said she was lucky to have her husband by her side for, explaining that "it's nice to have support from somebody when you're going to have surgery like you had." He dubbed Steve "an incredible nurse."


According to Hawk, after undergoing the procedure in Toledo Friday morning, they adjusted her pain medication the next day, as her original medication "wasn't cutting it." She said she had "a fair amount of nerve pain," which she described as feeling like "a hot lightning bolt stabbing where like the incision was." She then had assistance from a nurse on Sunday to take her first post-operation shower, with Starsiak Hawk joking that she has "no recollection of my checkup on Monday." After that checkup, she and her husband returned to their home in Indianapolis to continue her recovery, though once home, with Starsiak Hawk revealing that now two months out, she is using scar cream twice a day to reduce scarring.