Matt Roloff Slams TLC Producers for 'Negative' Editing

The new season of Little People, Big World has not even premiered yet, but patriarch Matt Roloff is already criticizing TLC for making their show too "negative."

On Wednesday, the 56-year-old Roloff returned to Facebook after a two-week break from social media. One fan quickly asked about his ex-wife Amy Roloff "acting up again" in the preview for the new season.

matt roloff tlc criticism
(Photo: Facebook/Matt Roloff)

"Hi Matt...saw a preview of your new show and saw Amy acting up again...what is wrong with her...she is determined to butt heads with you at every turn...she is losing a lot of people's respect," the fan wrote.
Another fan added, "Used to love this show and watched every season from the beginning, but there's too much stress and tension involved - makes it unpleasant to watch anymore."

Roloff quickly responded, expressing his frustration with TLC for creating drama where there is not any in reality.

"I totally agree," Roloff wrote. "We've been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront. For some reason these new producers/editors that come in to work don't know the show and want to amplify the negative. I'm not sure we (the Roloff family) can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr."

The two-minute preview for the new season does appear to make Amy out to be the bad guy, even suggesting they amend the divorce agreement between her and Roloff. She is also shown refusing to move out to a smaller house. Some scenes also show the awkward relationship between the couple and their new partners. Their sons, Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, are also shown struggling as first-time parents with their wives.

Amy is now dating Chris Marek, while Roloff is dating his longtime assistant, Caryn Chandler. Marek recently said he was told to stay away from Roloff when he started dating Amy, nine months after her divorce. Today, they get along fine, despite what TLC's trailer shows.

"To be honest, Amy was concerned in the beginning about how Matt and I might interact but no concerns about that now," Marek told Radar this week. "Everything is good. Matt and I get along just fine."

Marek said he is not engaged to Amy yet, but hinted that there is a cruise coming up and that might provide the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

"Nothing major is happening now," Marek told Radar. "But we have a cruise coming up next month — that's the biggest thing happening in the near future that we are excited about."


The new season of Little People, Big World starts Tuesday on TLC at 9 p.m. ET.