Matt Roloff’s New Photo With Girlfriend Sparks ‘Gold Digger’ Insinuations

Matt Roloff posted a selfie with his girlfriend on Facebook last weekend, but no social media post by a reality star is complete without a few hateful comments.

"Caryn and I out for dinner last night," Roloff wrote, "with Zach, Tori, Jackson and Caryn's daughter Brittanny. Good times — we all got to take turns playing with Jackson."

Many fans posted well wishes for Roloff, and were glad to see the Little People, Big World patriarch getting along with his kids following the divorce. Both Matt and Amy Roloff have been dragged for the way they ended their high-profile marriage, and because fans had full access to the couples' life on TV for years, they have strong feelings about the Roloffs' future.

"Glad for all the Roloff happiness, gone full circle for you all," one fan wrote. "That's the way families should be working together."

"Congratulations dear Matt," wrote another. "You finally found your happy Valentine... Much deserved happiness for both."

Others have a stronger bias between the reality TV parents.

"Good for you Matt," someone wrote. "Leave Amy in the dust."

"No one should feel bad for Amy," vented another user. "She wanted this for a long time. She has her weired boyfrnd (sic). YUK. Did not like him from the get go. Especially when he said 'read me a bedtime story" I wanted to puke. Besides she seems to need a lot of attention to make her feel good."

For all the beatings Amy Roloff took the comments section, however, Caryn got it much worse.

"She is only a gold digger," stated one follower plainly. "You need to wake Matt. Can't stomach Caryn."

"She probably just likes the fame," mused another.

Still, even the anti-Caryn contingent following Matt's post doesn't have much love for Amy Roloff these days.

"It makes me happy to see you smiling again Matt!!! I remember you and your ex, she was always putting you down!!! I'm so glad your (sic) finally happy!! Enjoy your babies!!"


Matt and Amy Roloff had been married for nearly 30 years when they filed for divorce in 2015. Fans had grown close to the family during their years on TLC's Little People, Big World. Although all of the Roloff children are adults now — the youngest, Jacob, is 21 years old — fans still worry about the impact the divorce will have on the tight-knit family. The couple promised to stay friendly for the family, the show, and their business, but fans don't seem interested in taking the high road.