'The Masked Dancer' Reveals the Moth, and True Crime Fans Will Know Her Well

The Masked Dancer continues to dazzle and surprise audiences with the mystery celebrities' impressive dance performances. Alas, one dancer got the boot on Wednesday night's episode. Host Craig Robinson revealed that the Moth would be going home, and they were later revealed to have been activist Elizabeth Smart. As noted on the program, Smart is an author and activist who works on behalf of kidnapping survivors and child victims of violence and sexual abuse. Smart is an abduction survivor herself as she was kidnapped at the age of 14.

During Wednesday night's episode, the remaining contestants — Cotton Candy, Moth, Sloth, and Zebra — in Group B performed. The group was last featured on The Masked Dancer on the Jan. 6 episode. During that episode, the Ice Cube was eliminated and revealed to have been Bill Nye the Science Guy, making him the first individual from Group B to be eliminated. (The Masked Dancer also eliminated the Disco Ball, who was Ice-T, during the first week.) Shortly after he was eliminated from The Masked Singer's spin-off series, Nye spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his time on the show. In the interview, the famous scientist shared exactly what he loved about his costume, which included several references to his identity.

"I thought it [the Ice Cube costume] was cool... literally," Nye said. "[It was] representing something cool. And for me, the melting ice head had a climate change vibe. The coat or whatever you'd call it, the jacket, was reminiscent of a lab coat. Then they blinged it up the way I do with all my clothes. [Laughs] I'm just kidding. It's playful. It's a giant ice cube head!" As Entertainment Weekly noted, Nye previously showcased his dance moves on Dancing With the Stars (he was on Season 17 of the ABC series). As for how his experience on DWTS compares to the Masked Dancer, the Emmy-winner said that he felt less "pressure" when appearing on the Fox program.


"Well, Dancing With the Stars, there's this pressure to win and do well, but The Masked Dancer is just kind of a little more laid back. It's a lot less under your control," Nye explained. "You show up and do your best. But in both cases, you work with these extraordinary athletes. I mean, these people, my partner and the other instructors, the other dancers that would come into the rehearsal room and help — they're just amazing. They're amazing athletes and they're excellent teachers or educators, and they are artists. That's really the coolest part of it for me, is working with those just extraordinary dancers."