'Masked Singer' Live Updates: Double Elimination

The Masked Singer Season 5 is entering the final stretch this week with the Super 8. The new episode, "The Plot Chickens!," is two hours long and comes with a double elimination. You can check back here throughout the broadcast for live updates, and to keep track of all the latest clues on the contestants' identities.

9:59 p.m. - Seashell Unmasked

Finally, the other performers returned to the stage for the final unmasking of the night. Cannon broke the news to them all, revealing that Seashell would be the next to go. The singer stepped up to accept her fate, while the others filed off for at least one more week.

The panelists were disappointed to see Seashell go after all of her heart-wrenching performances this season. Jeong decided to ditch his first impression guess and stick with his new theory of Sarah Silverman. Meanwhile, Scherzinger had guessed Hillary Duff before, but now she stuck with Tamera Mowry. McCarthy's first guess was Vanessa Hudgens, which she opted to keep, while Thicke went with Hillary Duff's sister, Haylie Duff. Finally, Wilson doubled down on her last-minute guess of Scout Willis.

When the Seashell finally unmasked for real, she was revealed to be Tamera Mowry, just as Scherzinger said. The actress, author and jack of all trades greeted all of the panelists with familiarity, with the exception of Wilson. After a moment of celebration, Mowry sent the show off for the week with one more performance — this time without the mask.

9:48 p.m. - Crab Unmasked

After the break, Cannon wasted no time in announcing who would be the first to unmask this week: The Crab. The other singers left the stage as Crab stepped up for the panelists' final guesses. Thicke immediately ditched his first impression guess and stuck with his top guess of the night, Ray Parker Jr. Scherzinger did the same, sticking with her guess of the night, Keith Sweat.

Jeong, on the other hand, stuck with his first impression guess Bobby Brown, doubling down based on the clues so far. McCarthy had made the same guess early on, and she too decided to stick with it. Finally, Wilson threw in a last-minute guess of Martin Lawrence before the Crab was forced to unmask on stage, revealing the face of Bobby Brown.

"You were right the whole time!" Brown called to Jeong, laughing. He and the panelists had a heart-to-heart moment, where he revealed that he took the stage for the sake of his young children. With that, the artist formerly known as The Crab delivered one last maskless performance before the final elimination could begin.

9:36 p.m. - Black Swan

Black Swan held a hairbrush like a microphone in a pink and girly bedroom during her clue package. She was surrounded by toys and trinkets, including a stuffed rabbit with a card reading: "I'm late." When she put a needle onto a record player, the space transformed into a lavish ballroom, where she danced with the Men in Black.

"I feel like I have everything I need on this stage as the Black Swan," she said. "But the love from the panel, the rush of confidence this mask brings me — I didn't always have that. Growing up wasn't easy. It was just me and my mom in a one-bedroom apartment. We didn't have much, but she did give me the one gift that changed my life: music. At night, I'd sing for her, and it felt like my voice had the power to transport us both into another world, where we never had to worry.

When my career took off, I was able to buy my mom her first real home. I still tear up thinking about what that meant to her. And I continued to sing for her, but not to transport us somewhere else, because we were finally where we belonged. Tonight, this song is for her, because she believed in me before I even believed in myself."

With that, Black Swan began her rendition of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. Afterward, Cannon revealed Black Swan's favorite food: Goldfish crackers. She said: "This was my favorite snack as a kid, me and my mom would kill these! We could just go through bags of these."

Based on the single mom narrative, Wilson guessed Kesha, while Jeong guessed Demi Lovato. Scherzinger guessed Jojo, but Thicke and Wilson both disagreed. With that, there was nothing to do but the eliminations.

9:24 - Seashell

Seashell's new clue package was framed as a news broadcast, with the Chiron: "Seashells sold by the shore for $119." The singer said: "This just in — after my last performance, I feel like you're finally getting to see me for who I am. It may not feel like breaking news, but it's taken me decades to finally open up."

The clips then showed a roasted turkey on a news desk beside Seashell before cutting to a stormy shore, where she prepared to go live on camera. She said: "I was terrified of being vulnerable on stage, and I'll always remember the exact moment I had to go live on TV for the first time with no rehearsal. I thought it'd be a natural disaster!"

Seashell then spoke to the camera beside a decorated Christmas tree, then sat back at a news desk beside a box labeled TNT. She said: "It was actually freeing, and everything changed. Being under pressure was what I needed to let loose. Here, just like that first time going live, I've grown from a nervous wreck to a confident, shining, singing shell. And that's a piece of news I'm happy to report."

The clue package showed a few more news scenes and a conspicuous shot of a yellow Jell-O mold before cutting to Seashell's rendition of "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tiffany. Afterward, Seashell's favorite food clue started to come out, but Cluedle-Doo stole control of it and ran out on stage. He said: "I told you I was going to change the game! No onstage food clue for you, panel. I'm taking this one for myself. Sorry, Ken and Jenny!"

"I will say this: that chicken better watch out, because I know how to make some good fried chicken," the Seashell said. This prompted Jeong to start guessing based on the roasted bird in Seashell's clue package, which led him to comedian Sarah Silverman. McCarthy scoffed at this clue, while she praised Scherzinger for guessing Tamera Mowry.

Wilson took a completely different angle, guessing Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Scout Willis. Meanwhile, backstage, Cluedle-Doo revealed the food clue to the audience but not the panel — grapes.

9:12 p.m. - Crab

Crab's new clue package showed him on a brightly-colored talent show stage, where he played a seafoam green violin. However, that might have just been a visual metaphor since he told a story about singing in a talent show. As he performed, the Men in Black held up scorecards, including one oversized playing card, a jack of clubs.

"During my last performance, I had to run offstage because I was so claustrophobic, I couldn't breathe," Crab recalled. "Having that panic attack brought me back to being a kid, where that same thing happened at my first talent show. Man, you don't understand — I was terrified. Eventually, I found the courage to just go for it. But after busting out a few notes, the audience began screaming, and I had no idea why. The boos filled my head, and I couldn't breathe, so I stopped singing and jumped off stage in terror."

"Until I realized that sound was actually applause. They were cheering for me! So, I returned to the stage and won. Soon, I was doing talent shows every chance I got — and thank god because that's how I got discovered. Tonight, I'm hoping to stay panic-free, so I gotta dig down deep, stay calm and remember to breathe," Crab concluded. True to his word, he took a calming breath before singing "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins up on the stage.

Crab's favorite meal clue turned out to be marshmallows. He explained: "I love marshmallows, and my kids love them even more than me. We love to make s'mores by the fire." Thicke then guessed Ray Parker Jr., which reduced Jeong to fits of uncontrollable laughter.

After that, McCarthy guessed Bobby Brown, with a follow-up guess of Flava Flav. Scherzinger guessed Keith Sweat along the same lines, and with that, the Crab left the stage.

8:59 p.m. - Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls' new clue package found them in New York City, where they perched on top of the Statue of Liberty, then on a shipping container labeled "Made in Milwaukee" before delving into the subway. There, they stood in front of an ad reading "Indiana Ave" before getting on a train.

"You know, we've gotten so much love here, and in our careers, but there was a time when we actually felt like everyone gave up on us. We were on top of the world, but suddenly, when we looked around, everyone was gone. We don't talk about it a lot, but it was tough to start from zero. For years, we went around in circles. Even a blessing from the king herself was thrown away."

The Russian Dolls walked around a subway turnstile, then stood in a moving subway car surrounding one of the Men in Black wearing a crown, who threw up his hands and walked away. From there, they went above ground again, dancing in the park and trotting along the crowded city streets.

"But, we were resilient," they said. "How did we get back on top? Practice, practice, practice. And just when everyone counted us out, we sold out one of the world's most prestigious venues, just around the corner. We love that you have no idea how many we are, what genders we are, and tonight, we set the table to toy with you even more!"

The clue package ended in NYC's Russian Tea Room, where the Dolls were served in three mugs marked "Eat," "Pray" and "?" They then launched into their performance of "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars, with a fourth member joining them right off the bat. When it was over, the group's favorite food came out on stage: red jelly beans. "For a very long time, we have loved jelly beans, as you can see from our figure," one of the Dolls explained.

Jeong guessed the Jonas Brothers, while Scherzinger guessed Hanson. Wilson, however, guessed Boyz II Men. Cannon teased the panelists, saying that none of their guesses here were very convincing.

9:01 p.m. - Yeti

The next segment kicked off with the Yeti, whose new clue package was set on a snow mountain. He said: "Yetis may get lonely, but that's when you find self-growth. Many moons ago, I had a once-in-a-lifetime role that created an avalanche of success, but my ego caused tons of chaos, and it all blew up."

The clips showed Yeti's avalanche falling on the Men in Black, who were playing a ring-toss game down below him. He carried a handful of cards labeled "A, B, C, D," and also pulled a stuffed puppy out of a top hat like a magician.

"I blamed everyone else, and I buried the feeling of failure deep inside of my icy core. I tried to forget that it happened, but I couldn't escape hearing about the wreckage. I felt so lonely. But that's when I grew, and when I got the twice-in-a-lifetime chance to do it again, I realized that I was actually to blame for the mess. So, I left my ego behind."

Yeti was then welcomed back by the Men in Black, who joined him in some kind of line dancing routine that caught the panelists' interest. They wore New Year's Eve party gear as they danced in unison.

"It helped open my heart, and now I hope to glide into yours with this song about that feeling I know all too well," he concluded. Back in the studio, Yeti ice skated onto the stage to sing "Lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco. Afterward, Cannon proclaimed "I definitely know who this is now!"

Yeti's favorite food clue turned out to be a pile of doughnuts. He didn't get a chance to explain, as Scherzinger jumped right into guessing Sisqó and Todrick Hall. On the other hand, Jeong guessed that it might be Justin Timberlake. Thicke guessed Omarion, and then Mario, both based on the rings in the clue package and the O-shaped doughnuts.

8:36 p.m. - Chameleon

Cluedle-Doo brought us back from the commercial break again this time, saying that his newest clue would make Chameleon's identity a lot easier to guess. The rapping lizard warned the rooster not to interfere before launching into his new clue package.

"You know, ever since I was a little Chameleon, I've walked to the beat of my own drum, but I idolized a certain legend that I thought was the flyest, and would have jumped through hoops to get to meet," Chameleon said in a flashy, 70s-themed montage. "I considered him the greatest of all time in his arena — the G.O.A.T.! When I got older, I got to meet him through a contest I won at a local radio station. It felt like I won the local championship!"

The clips showed Chameleon in a sequined suit, coming together with a green-clad actor clearly meant to be his idol. The two strolled confidently through outdoor scenes and approached a minimalist rendering of the Eifel tower made of lights. They also worked together on a film set manned by flies.

"Eventually, I even worked alongside him — the two of us, as a team!" Chameleon said. "And now, I'm lucky to consider him a true friend, my ride-or-die. In honor of him, tonight, I'm going to keep it old school, and hope to inspire little chameleons the way he inspired me."

True to his word, Chameleon rapped "Regulate" by Warren G. Feat. Nate Dogg. Afterward, the panelists were briefly sidetracked by a rap break from Wilson, though it did not seem to help anyone guess Chameleon's identity. What did was his food clue — a lizard-themed meal-ready-to-eat (MRE) containing "fried bird & cricket cake." He explained: "Well, if you know me, you know I'm always with my gang, and this one is because I support all the troops."

This clue led McCarthy to double down on her guess of Machine Gun Kelly, which Thicke agreed with. Jeong stuck with NBA star Kyrie Irving. Scherzinger threw out two familiar guesses — G-Eazy and Wocka Flaka Flame — before they were all interrupted by Cluedle-Doo.

"Wow panel, you don't have a clue," he said. "Chameleon, I very much enjoyed your work on the big screen. I was even rooting for you at the Golden Globes." With that, he ran off, leaving the panelists completely confused. New last-minute guesses included Wiz Khalifa and Mahershala Ali, both of whom were nominated at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

8:23 - Robopine

Things took a turn after the first commercial break when the host and the panelists were finally introduced to the mysterious "Cluedle-Doo." The man in the chicken suit appeared on the studio's big screens, explaining that he would be making things "even harder" for the judges from here on out. With nothing to do about this threat, the panel welcomed Robopine to the stage.

Robopine's new clue package found him in some kind of sci-fi laboratory. However, he soon flashed back to his childhood home, where he was discouraged from singing in the shower. The camera zoomed in on baby toys — a stack of wooden blocks and a rattle. He then rode a bicycle down a suburban street, past a Heisman statue positioned randomly in the street and up to a block party.

"The panel's reaction last week touched my heart more than you will ever know," he said. "I've actually been struggling with depression lately, so being here has really given me a new confidence — especially when it comes to my voice. Growing up in my house, it was tough on my self-esteem. Man, I used to love singing in the shower, but my family would always yell 'shut up!,' so I never had the confidence to chase my dreams. Until one summer, I was riding my bike, and I stopped by a block party."

"My neighbor begged me to sing in front of everyone. Man, I was terrified. But, I took the mic, I closed my eyes, and I just went for it," Robopine continued. "I was a hit! I felt this amazing sense of release, and this show is bringing me back to that feeling. I've come from hiding behind a shower curtain to stepping out from a backstage curtain, and I'm so grateful."

Robopine belted out some karaoke at the block party, to the delight of the Men in Black re-enacting it with him. The camera then cut to a similar scene backstage on The Masked Singer, where Robopine has been recapturing that feeling. With that, his performance of "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye began.

Afterward, Robopine's favorite food was revealed: lobster. He explained: "on the coast of Costa Rica, me and my family get a lot of freshwater sea diving. It's a family tradition that we kind of pride ourselves on." With that, the guessing began, and all of the panelists felt like they should be more confident in this person's identity by now.

Thicke guessed Terry Crews right off the bat, while Jeong went with Aaron Hall. Scherzinger paid a fortune to the "jar of shame" in order to guess Jaime Foxx once again, though many fans were fixated on Wilson's guess: Dave Chappelle.

8:12 p.m. - Piglet

The episode kicked off in style with host Nick Cannon and the Men in Black all dancing onto the stage in celebration of the Super 8. The usual panelists were in attendance — Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong — while country singer Rita Wilson joined them as the guest panelist of the week.

After the introductions, the show launched into a new clue package for The Piglet which started on an old-time sailing ship, with ray ban sunglasses slung across the sails. He then went down below decks where he was greeted warmly by pirates in a hull full of treasures and tokens of achievement. Despairing, Piglet used a spyglass to try to navigate the ship through a storm by himself.

"While you see me as the happy-go-lucky Piglet, my life hasn't always been smooth sailing," he said. "Not so many years ago, I was lost! I had given up on my dreams, moved back home with my parents, and even broke my finger. It was a perfect storm of despair. Then, that Sunday at church, the pastor — who didn't know me from Adam — spoke of a vision he'd had of a man with a broken finger, and I knew it was me. He saw this man sailing a boat towards a terrible storm, doomed, until a higher power turned the winds around, steering the boat to safety. I was totally freaked out! This was, like, a direct sign from God."

The camera zoomed in on a pine tree-shaped air freshener on the ship's mast before cutting to the next morning, with calmer seas. McCarthy made note of a half-sunken UFO in the foreground before Piglet stared into the sunrise triumphantly, with his hands on his hips.

"So I packed up my stuff and changed course to L.A., to go after the life I always wanted," Piglet went on. "Ever since, now I think everything is a sign. But, hey, when it comes to fate, I never want to miss the boat."

With that, Piglet began his performance of "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters. The panelists were all on their feet at once, and they kept cheering well after the music stopped. Finally, Cannon introduced this week's new clue — the contestant's favorite food. The Men in Black wheeled out an order of cotton candy, and Piglet explained: "this classic sweet treat reminds me of one of my very first jobs."


McCarthy guessed that Piglet might be *NSYNC's Lance Bass, primarily based on the UFO in his clue package. Jeong focused on the air freshener instead, suggesting that it might indicate Chris Pine, or that the cotton candy might point to Maroon 5's Adam Levine. Wilson ventured a guess with Nick Jonas, then reached even further with Eli or Peyton Manning.

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