Ashley Tisdale Would 'Love' to Do Another Season of 'The Masked Dancer' (Exclusive)

Ashley Tisdale had the 'best time' on The Masked Dancer and would love to return for a second [...]

Ashley Tisdale had the "best time" on The Masked Dancer and would love to return for a second season of the FOX series if it happens. While the actress, 35, hasn't heard yet if the network plans to move forward with a sophomore season of The Masked Singer spinoff, she would "love" to return to the guessing panel alongside co-stars Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul and Brian Austin Green, she told PopCulture in a recent interview.

"It was so much fun," she said of starring on the dance competition series featuring masked celebrities. When it comes to questions of a second season, Tisdale answered, "We haven't heard, but that was honestly such a fun experience for me, because I think it was just fun to be myself and not a character." The High School Musical alum is also a lover of music and dance, so The Masked Dancer was the perfect blend: "I was having the best time of my life, like the best time of my life. ... I would love to do it again, and it was so much fun."

Tisdale's guesses were admittedly "horrible" on the first season, but she told PopCulture a lot of the stars' names she threw out were people she was simply "hoping" were under the masks. "We had a lot of actual professional dancers," she said of her dream celebrity to be unmasked. "And so I would love to just see someone that would just like really shock me. I think that at one point I thought maybe Will Ferrell was the Sloth and that would be something that'd be like, 'Yes, that's great!'"

The Frenshe interiors founder would have a much different experience on a second Masked Dancer season, being that she was pregnant with daughter Jupiter during the first. Having welcomed her first child in March with her husband Christopher French, 39, Tisdale said she was surprised to discover how difficult breastfeeding was for her.

"What was unexpected was we had trouble breastfeeding and no one really kind of explained how hard breastfeeding actually is," she told PopCulture. While Jupiter struggled to latch even in the hospital, it took almost two weeks before Tisdale realized she was "striving versus thriving" with her newborn, creating "this frustration around feeling" she didn't want baby Jupiter to experience.

Tisdale recalled a "special moment" in which she had a revelation surrounding her breastfeeding attempts: "She's crying and fussy and still not latching really well. And I just was like, 'Why am I doing this? Is this is for me or is this for her? Because it's obviously not her — there's a better solution.'" It was then the actress decided to turn to Enfamil's formula Enspire to feed her baby, saying she trusted the brand she was actually raised on herself. "I just felt for us, this was the right thing," she said. "And honestly, it was the best decision, because it's been ... so much better from there on out. [Breastfeeding] was one of probably our toughest hurdles."