'Married at First Sight' Star Seriously Regrets Going on the Show

A 'Married at First Sight' star in the UK did not like his time on the show.

One Married at First Sight star does not look back at his time on the show fondly. Via WalesOnline, Welsh groom Luke, who appeared on the sixth season of the UK version of the reality show, took to Instagram to open up about his life and what's been going on in recent years. Although it's been just two years since he was on the E4 series, Luke's been doing a lot of reflecting, saying he's "Made some huge decisions this past few years, some have turned out great, and some have not in reflection."

"I'm actually a very private person, and putting myself out there even 2 years later still makes me feel uneasy, some regret too, some I'll share at a later time," Luke continued. "I've had a lot of ups and downs since." The Cardiff native was paired up with Morag on the UK series, and things were quite rocky between the two. Morag didn't even find him attractive, which kicked off their marriage in a bumpy way. The two tried to work through their other issues, but ultimately, they didn't stay together, which may have been for the best. Either way, it sounds like Luke seriously regrets being on Married at First Sight.

Dating shows are definitely tricky, as you really have to be committed to finding your true love. When the show is Married at First Sight, then you really have to give it a try, and of course, it doesn't always work out with the marriage. Going through something like that can be taxing on one's mental health, and while Luke now has the experience of it and knows what to avoid, even two years after the show, he still doesn't feel too good about it. However, with him starting to open up more about the experience, maybe, that means that he's starting to move on from it.

As of now, seven seasons of Married at First Sight have aired in the UK, with the first five seasons airing on Channel 4 before moving to its sister channel, E4. Beginning with Season 6 in 2021, the show adopted the Australian format. Season 7 was extended to 30 episodes following the success of the previous one. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially those who participate in the show, it all just depends on fate, and hopefully, Luke will be able to finally find the love of his life, even if it's not through some reality show.