'Married at First Sight': Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo Struggle With 'Awkward' Wedding Night

After Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo's PDA-free wedding reception, the Married at First Sight couple found themselves at odds over physical affection once again on the night of their nuptials.

In Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality show (produced by Kinetic Content), the newlyweds struggled to suss one another's boundaries out on their wedding night, with Kate wanting to get a lot closer that Luke appeared comfortable with.

After exploring their honeymoon suite, the couple soon found themselves in a bit of uncomfortable silence, which made Kate tentatively nervous about the future of their evening.

"It's our first night together, and it's more awkward than I thought it was gonna be," she told the cameras. "But I think we're both just a little bit nervous. I just feel like we don't know how to act around each other yet."

As the two prepared to wind down from the day's festivities, Luke declared, "This couch is so comfy. I will sleep on it."

"I mean, I know you're very respectable," Kate responded to the offer. "You seem like a gentleman—I like that, but you don't have to sleep on the couch."

Luke didn't seem too keen on the offer, however, telling the cameras, "Kate's absolutely beautiful, but I haven't gotten to know her enough on a personal level. Typically, in real life, I usually take it slower, so tonight we're gonna take it slower and see how it goes."

In the end, the couple decided to sleep in the same bed, but keep the kissing (and more) for later, which struck Kate as a little unusual.

"So far, the wedding night is not how I expected," she confided to the cameras. "Hopefully he's just a little bit shy ... Hopefully he gets less awkward."

Where the couple did appear to agree was in how the night was going. "I definitely wouldn't describe it as love at first sight," Luke admitted. "In time, I hope it will be more natural."

The couple's romantic ceremony in the Season 6 premiere ended up having an uncomfortable twist when Luke realized upon seeing his new bride for the first time that he had met her just a few weeks ago at a speed dating event his business was facilitating.

"I don't think she recognized me, and I'm very surprised because we had met like three weeks ago," he explained at the time. " I didn't want to say anything mid-ceremony, especially with a bunch of people around like our friends and family. I don't want to spoil anything."

Upon breaking the news to Kate, who appeared not to have had the same moment of recognition, she did recall the chance meeting, which she said was delayed "because of the stress of the situation."

Will these two be able to work things out?

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime