Lyssa Chapman Posts Rare Video of Late Mom Beth Rockin' N' Rollin' to Karaoke

Dog the Bounty Hunter alum "Baby Lyssa" Chapman recently took to Twitter to post a rare video of her late step-mom Beth rocking and rolling to karaoke. Beth passed away this, after battling cancer for the past few years. Since then, many of her friends and family have been sharing memories of her online.

On Thursday, Chapman shared a video of Beth and her daughter Cecily Chapman getting down to Bruno Mars' track "Perm" during a karaoke outing.

The pair are belting out the tune while dancing around and clearly having a great time.

Many of Chapman's followers have since commented in the post, with one person saying: "I remembered on the show she would always treat the people they caught so well . Giving them a last smoke n talking them through their troubles .... god has plans for you Beth R.I.P. prayers to the family."

"Such a free soul and gonna be missed so dearly. What an amazing woman," another person said. "I wish this disease we call cancer would have left her and set her free. F— cancer. She showed so many people including me that no matter fight. Fight for love, fight for family, fight for life."

"I always loved watching Beth on the original #DogTheBountyHunter with you guys, she was such a beautiful person," someone else commented, "when you guys caught the criminal Beth would reassure some of them that life will get better after their time is done, and always with the nails."


"I'm sending you all so much love," one other fan said. "Through Beth you have all joined together on this journey.. those bonds of love can never be broken but grow only stronger through to heaven... Beth has got you all."

Beth passed away on Wednesday, with her official cause of death being reported as throat cancer. She was 51 years old at the time of her death.