Why Fans Think Tori Roloff Is Hiding a Baby Bump in New Photo

Is the Little People, Big World family about to grow by one more?

Fans think a post Tori Roloff shared on Instagram this week blasting her haters might have also shown the TLC personality doing her best to cover a burgeoning baby bump.

Tori and her husband Zach Roloff are already parents to 9-month-old son Jackson.

In the photo, Tori leans forward while laughing and tugging her long sleeve shirt away from her torso, a move that would perfectly obscure any kind of baby bump.

tori roloff pregnant question mark
(Photo: Instagram/@toriroloff)

But she didn't mention anything about pregnancy in her lengthy caption.

"So I feel like I just need to put this out there," she wrote. "I am so blessed by the gift I've been given of having a platform on social media to share love acceptance and kindness with so many people. I so never imagined my life going in this direction and I thank God every single day that he has shown me how to love greater than I ever thought possible."

"I am just a normal woman. There's nothing extraordinary about me. I live my life the way i believe God wants me to and I just try to be a good person. I am so thankful I can share my story with my followers and I pray that my social media is a place to bring light into someone else's life," she continued.

She also weighed in on the people who come to her profile purely to spread negativity.

"That being said I see how social media can quickly become such a dark and scary place," she said. "I don't want that here. I choose to laugh and be silly and not take things so seriously because I love life and I love having fun in life. I hope you all see that and maybe even practice that on your own social media outlets. So my goal here is to continue to make people laugh and show everyone I'm just a normal girl who got thrown into extraordinary circumstances and you better believe I'm not going to waste a damn moment."

This isn't the first time Tori sparked rumors she was expecting another baby. Back in January, Tori took to Instagram to gush over Zach's fathering skills, but she used some interesting wording in her captions.

"This right here ladies and gentlemen is the reason why I married this man," she wrote in the caption of an shot of Jackson and Zach laying on the floor together. "The fact that he gets down and plays with his kids. He so good to Jackson and I. I love you so much babe uh! This photo also just makes me so excited for the future... I literally see daddy and j plotting their next big adventure."


Fans immediately zeroed in on the use of the word "kids" instead of "kid," and some of them thought that she might have accidentally let new pregnancy news slip. "Kids? [Are] you pregnant?" one fan commented. Another wrote, "You said KIDS?? That means one or more!!! Hmmmmm..."

Photo credit: Instagram / @toriroloff