'Love Island USA' Jeremy and Bailey on What Fans Didn't Get to See About Their Relationship (Exclusive)

After a season full of coupling up, extravagant dates, and of course, drama, Love Island came to an end on Sunday night. While they didn't walk away with the grand prize, Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall, who came in third place, did walk away with one another. During a chat with PopCulture.com after the season finale, the pair opened up about what fans don't know about their relationship and share a bit of insight into what's next for them as a couple.

Jeremy and Bailey didn't couple up until later on in the season, as she was one of the last to arrive in the Villa. The two were clearly able to form a close bond while in the show, but, of course, fans weren't able to see everything that the pair connected on. While chatting with PopCulture.com, Bailey and Jeremy gave some insight into their relationship, including some details that fans might not have known about the pair or their connection in general.

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"We just got along so easy from the start (sic)," Bailey said, "I think I was really surprised by how funny and sarcastic he was because I'm really sarcastic and I didn't expect anyone to be like that in the villa so that was kind of nice right away. And yeah, it was just super easy for us to get along, we've never had any hiccups or even any small disagreements, which is crazy because we're around each other 24/7."

Jeremy agreed: "I mean, ever since our first date in there, we kind of just had this little sarcastic banter and humor about us and it just helped us get along really well and not have to deal with any problems or issues. We kind of just got to know each other more, our family, our background, all those things, it's kind of like we were just to dive into that."

Throughout the season, Jeremy was coupled up with a few other women, including Trina, Genny, and Florita. But, what makes his connection with Bailey different? "I mean, obviously for me, I was trying not to compare different situations but I feel like we did get along the best and we were so similar," he explained. "I think I was trying to find that subconsciously but didn't really know what I was looking for. But, obviously, when she walked in, it kind of just immediately clicked and it felt really nice. We were exactly on the same page and I think that was the biggest thing in the villa up for some people, especially me."

As for Bailey, she had her sights set on another individual when she originally came into the Villa, as she was interested in Korey. However, once she met everyone and got to know Jeremy, she knew that she wanted to focus her time on getting to know him. "I think the spark [between me and Jeremy] really formed on the first full day I was in there, on the pool day," Bailey said when asked about that initial connection with Jeremy. "Obviously our date was great, but it was brief; it was kind of like speed dating almost. And then the pool day, we got to hang out the entire day and I don't know, I just remember laughing the whole time and having so much fun and when it was over, I was like, 'Dang, I want to do that again, I want to hang out with him more.' So that was kind of my realization like, 'Oh, maybe I should hook up Jeremy now and maybe Korey is just a friend.'"

Things definitely worked out for Jeremy and Bailey in the end, as they became one of the strongest couples in the Villa by the finale. As for what's next for the couple, they do have plans to travel. But, they're really looking forward to simply doing normal, everyday things as a pair outside of the Love Island bubble. "We're just going to continue basically what we had in the villa, getting to know each other more because we didn't have that long of a period of time," Jeremy said. "But, just hanging out, going deeper with each other, getting to know each other more ... I mean, I'm really excited about it, I think all the other people are and we're excited to kind of see what we can do here."

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