'Love Island USA': Javonny Opens up About How He Really Feels About Olivia (Exclusive)

In one of the most dramatic moments of the season thus far, four Islanders were dumped from Love Island in Friday night's episode of the CBS series. While he did have a connection with Olivia Kaiser, Javonny Vega was one of the individuals who was dumped. Following his time on Love Island, Javonny spoke with PopCulture.com about his journey and, specifically, whether he has any regrets about how things played out with Olivia.

Fans will remember that shortly before the dumping, Olivia told Javonny that she just wanted to be friends. Considering that they went their separate ways right before the dumping, Javonny didn't get a chance to form any romantic connections with the other Islanders. Does he regret how the situation played out? He said that he "would've never changed anything" about the matter. The reality star did give some insight into what his relationship with Olivia was actually like. Javonny said that it wasn't shown on TV, but he and Olivia actually got to have a serious heart-to-heart before he left the Villa.

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"Olivia stated that I helped her grow as a woman, and I helped her open up more, and helped her be more honest," he explained. "If you can't be honest with yourself, how you going to be honest with somebody else? And she appreciated that, and she knew deeply inside, that's what I wanted to achieve with her. Because she so claimed that she's the alpha female, and I wanted to get that out of her more and have her open up with me." As for where his relationship with Olivia stands today, the two will just be friends. Although, he did note that some of the comments that she made about him behind the scenes rubbed him the wrong way.

"Me and Olivia right now ... we'll just be as friends," Javonny said. "Seeing the behind the scenes now of what she said about me, I wouldn't pursue her, but we'll just be friends. If a spark sparks out, it is what it is. Other than that, she's a friend, because I got to know her on a deep level, and she's really cool. She's really dope. And I just wish that she was just more open before, instead of trying to just play the run-on game."

While he left the Villa before he formed a romantic connection with another Islander, Javonny already has his sights set on some of the women introduced during the Casa Amor portion of the show. He said that if he remained on Love Island, he would be interested in getting to know Isabel Johnson, Florence Mueller, and Genevieve Shawcross. You can rest assured that if he remained in the Villa,and pursued something with one of the Casa Amor women, he would approach the scenario in true Javonny fashion.


"Honestly, I would've been the same person ... but just with somebody who I felt like there would've been a spark," he said. "But, I would've turned up the notch more because I really wanted a partner in crime. Somebody, whoever I was going to match up with in Casa Amor, if that was possible, oh my gosh. We would've turned that villa upside down. It would've been f—ing crazy. We would've been pranking everybody, tripping people, we would've been jokesters of the villa. It would've been toxic, honestly." He added, "It would've been toxic in a great way, and that's all I wanted. Just a woman that could've just showed me the interest that I deserved as a man."