'Love Island' Couple Leaves Villa After Contestant's Family Member Dies

Love Island contestant Josh Goldstein received devastating news during Thursday night's episode, finding out that his sister Lindsey had passed away. Due to this tragic development, Goldstein would be leaving the Love Island villa and forgoing the rest of the competition and the chance at $100k. Not only that, but his new girlfriend Shannon St. Claire would be leaving with him.

The couple just went on their first date in the Aug. 4 episode, but they had been linked since the beginning of the season and were already on their way to being fan favorites. Many were even speculating that they were frontrunners in the competition and had a shot at winning the whole thing. Following this tragic news, Love Island viewers took to Twitter to offer their condolences to Goldstein and his family. "We send our love and condolences to Josh and his family from all of us at Love Island," the show's official Twitter account wrote following the reveal.

"This season of love island has to be cursed, poor josh," tweeted one viewer. "They woke up Josh in the middle of the night to give him that news. Imagine waking up to something like that," wrote another.

"Wow Shannon is a real one. First time on Love Island USA where a couple leaves together. If they had just met maybe Shannon would have stayed but they were close so she needed to be with him [broken heart emoji]. Love that Will and Shannon apologized too. Condolences to Josh" tweeted another fan.


"My heart goes out to Josh and his family. Josh is so strong for being able to stay composed after hearing such news and I respect him so much. My heart goes out to him and his family," wrote another fan who was impressed with Goldstein's poise on camera following the news.