'Love Is Blind' Star Shayne Jansen Directly Address Drug Use Allegations

Shayne Jansen is opening up about his past experimenting with drugs. The Love Is Blind Season 1 star has been getting a ton of questions regarding his mannerisms, behavior, and appearance on the show. At times, viewers grew concerned about him appearing hyper and bug-eyed and asked if he used drugs. In a recent interview on The Viall Files podcast, the Netflix star spoke candidly about his history and insisted he did not use drugs while on the show. 

"Have I [used drugs]? Yes. On the show I did not," Jansen said. "I have experience with a few of them. Nothing that's been injected into my body, but I think we've all had our times in our lives where we've done certain things. People thought I was doing cocaine. I'm mic'd up the whole time. Everyone would have heard me do it. It's wild to think that I was carrying cocaine on me, and I was snorting lines and doing all this kind of stuff in the bathroom when I'm mic'd up. They can literally hear you whispering. Every word you say. How could they not hear me do it?"

Jansen said he's grown frustrated with the conversation altogether. He notes that despite his past, it doesn't mean drugs are part of his present or future. 

"I'm not naive to say I haven't done it before in my past, like no, but not in the show, I'm not stupid. I'm not going to risk everything for that on the show," he added. 


Jansen also added an explanation for his hyper personality, adding it's a different disorder. "I have severe, severe ADHD, and you're sitting in this tiny, little room for like three hours. It's not 30 minutes. It's like three hours, and you have cameras here, cameras here, staring at you while you're confessing your love and you're talking about all your deep emotions," he explained, speaking about his time in the pods alone. "It's a very uncomfortable situation, right? You don't get used to it."