'Love During Lockup': Tai Calls Boston Confrontation 'Worse Than You Could Ever Imagine' (Exclusive)

Things are about to get even worse between Tai and Boston on Love During Lockup. Tai opened up to PopCulture.com ahead of Friday's all-new episode of the WE tv series about her relationship with Rio, a.k.a. Hottie, and how Boston's insistence that it was her who is the inmate's main flame changed everything. 

Tai told PopCulture that she first started getting calls from Boston about Hottie "way before filming" Love During Lockup, but that she initially wrote them off as a joke. When Boston's constant communications started to interrupt her day, even circumventing her blocked number, Tai said she started to grow more suspicious. 

"Where there's smoke, there's fire," she said. "I'm not gonna ever accuse my man ... but I'm far from a dummy. I'm gonna investigate and find the truth." Love During Lockup fans have been watching tensions between Boston and Tai escalate all season, even interrupting Tai's date during last week's episode, but things get "worse than you could ever imagine" when the two even confront each other for real. 

"I wish I would have done a lot of things differently," Tai admitted, sharing that she wished she hadn't "yelled and lost [her] cool" in front of her kids. Looking back on what went down and where she is today, Tai teased of how things go down, "I'm normally not a quitter, but we as women have our cut-off points." Even so, there are no regrets. "It can either end in love or a lesson," she shared. "I never feel like that I wasted my time."

Clearing up misconceptions she's seen from fans throughout the season, Tai explained that while she is dating multiple inmates, she's cut back to about five, and that their relationships are very different than the one she has with Hottie. "I'm not promising them the sun, moon and stars," she said, noting that the relationship can be anything from sending them a package to talking on the phone. "Hottie and I are the ones promising each other stuff," she added.


As for her phones, Tai doesn't get the confusion over why she has three – one is for personal use with her friends, family, and Hottie, while the other is for her mortuary business and the third is for inmates she doesn't know well enough to share personal details with. Despite the stray comments, Tai called filming the show "very therapeutic," revealing it's helped her be more truthful with those closest to her about her dating habits. Love During Lockup airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.