'Love During Lockup': Hottie Proposes to Tai in Exclusive Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek

Love During Lockup's Tai is finally getting her dream proposal from Hottie – but will they make it down the aisle? In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the WE tv series' Friday, Oct. 21 Season 2 premiere, Tai reveals that she simply can't get over Hottie, despite all the drama they went through with his girlfriend Boston last season

"He's been a dirtbag, but he's still my dirtbag," she tells the camera. All that anger fades away, however, when Hottie pops the question in a call from prison. "I just want to let you know I appreciate everything that you've been doing for me and I love you and I appreciate everything," he gushes over the phone before asking, "Tai, will you please marry me?" As she puts an engagement ring on her own left hand, Tai answers, "Yes, I will! I love you."

As the two celebrate their engagement, Tai reveals the two plan to have a prison wedding and then a "huge wedding" on the outside after he's released in five years. And even though the two are planning their wedding already, thoughts of Boston still haunt Tai. "I won, Boston, sorry!" she tells the camera triumphantly. "Beat your feet, I won. The boy is mine. It is what it is." 

Boston isn't the only person who could throw a wrench in this happily ever after, however. Tai gets a phone call from prison at the end of the clip which she quickly rushes to take outside, and being that she's also talking to inmate BB and new squeeze Dough Boy, things could be getting complicated sooner rather than later. Tai is also juggling a secret relationship with her boss, Rinaldo, as he urges her to go for a safe choice like him. How will she manage to balance all of her prison relationships with this romance on the outside?

Don't miss Tai and Hottie's next chapter, as well as that of Chelsea and Mike (Richwood, Ohio); Emily and Dauri (Union, New Jersey); Melissa and Louie (Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey); Jessica and Dustin (Jacksonville, Florida); and Mark (Las Vegas, Nevada). Love During Lockup returns for a second season on Friday, October 21 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.