Exclusive: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole 'Struggling' in Relationship With Tonya Banks

Terra Jolé may have recently repaired her relationship with pal Elena Gant, but there's trouble on the horizon for her friendship with Tonya Banks.

The Little Women: LA star opened up exclusively to PopCulture.com about the "turmoil" in her relationship with her longtime friend ahead of the Lifetime show's Wednesday, April 11 episode, warning there's trouble ahead.

"You will see our relationship probably go through the most turmoil over any other relationship on the show," she told PopCulture. "I feel like considering how close Tonya and I were at one point, we to this day are still struggling to find where we are in each other's lives."

Although the two have had moments of tension this season over Banks' accusations that Jolé has a problem listening to her friends, there's clearly still more to come in the dissolution of that relationship.

"I don't think that anyone was purposefully vindictive," Jolé teased about the upcoming weeks. "But I guess you'll have to judge it yourself."

She continued: "There's a way to look at what's about to happen in these next few weeks, and at the end of the day I love Tonya and I want us to have a relationship. She's my sister and I totally, truly feel that way."

Fans shouldn't expect a resolution anytime soon, however, with Jolé telling PopCulture that to this day whatever is about to go down is keeping the friends apart.

"I can't even remember what it feels like to have Tonya close to me at this point," she recalled. "As sad as that is, it's a definite truth to our journey this season."

The spark that finally explodes Jolé and Banks' friendship may have something to do with Banks' relationship with ex-fiancé Kerwin Johnson, to whom she called off her engagement earlier this season.

"I've known Tonya over half my life, and I think that she is a woman that is still searching for what she wants in life," Jolé explained to PopCulture. "There's nothing wrong with that, I just think Kerwin was in that searching process."

That process might not be going so well, however, as Jolé left PopCulture with an ominous hint as to how Banks might be doing right now: "I just feel like she's still on a dangerous relationship path personally," she said.


Little Women: LA airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Instagram / @Terra Jolé