'Little Women: Atlanta': Abira Gets Too Drunk at Important Record Label Party in Exclusive Clip

Abira Greene may have let her enthusiasm for the Tiny Twinz get a little out of hand during an exclusive sneak peek of Thursday's Little Women: Atlanta. As fellow artists Andrea and Amanda Salinas take to the stage in an effort to impress the Street Execs label, Abira seems to have had a few too many, starting up drama during their performance.

In the PopCulture.com exclusive clip of the Lifetime reality show (produced by Kinetic Content), as the Tiny Twinz have the crowd more than a little impressed, friend Abira is getting lit on the side of the stage, yelling affirmations at them loudly and crawling all over the stairs.

At one point, it gets to be too much for one of the interested execs, who shouts at her to "get out of the way."

When she responds with a drunken, "Shut up!" he doubles down, shouting, " It ain't your time to be on stage! You better cut the f— up!"

With things turning hostile fast, can Abira sober up and walk away from a bad situation? Or is the Tiny Twinz performance about to turn into a full-on fight?

Abira may be getting a little rowdy in this week's episode, but fans of Little Women: Atlanta know just how much of a soft side she also has.

In a June episode of the reality show, she even broke down in tears over her mom while discussing the inspiration behind her song "Mama."

"The song 'Mama' means a lot to me, because it's for my mom," she told the camera in an emotional moment. "My mom means everything to me. Everything."

"She could have treated me like a baby because I was little," Abira continued. "She could have sheltered me, but she didn't. She pushed me out there, she made me to be bigger and to be better, and to stick with what you guys know as the average person. I thank her for that, and I love her."

Turning her signature sass back on, she concluded, "Without that, I wouldn't be able to shake these b—es the way I do, ha!"


Little Women: Atlanta (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Kinetic Content/Lifetime